What is the GVM for a 79 series LandCruiser?

The Land Cruiser 79 Series has a 3500kg maximum braked towing capacity (with a maximum 350kg on the towball). Its GVM is 3300kg; GCM is 6800kg.

How much weight can a 79 series LandCruiser take?

79 Series Landcruiser Weight and Payload Capacity

Single Cab Dual Cab
Kerb weight (kg) 2,180 2,190
GVM (kg) 3,400 3,300
Payload Capacity (kg) 1,220 1,110

How much can a 79 Series Land Cruiser tow?

The LandCruiser 79 Series has a 3500kg maximum braked towing capacity (with a maximum 350kg on the tow ball). Toyota’s 6800kg GCM allows you to put a caravan weighing 3500kg behind it while the ute is loaded to its maximum GVM.

How much does it cost to upgrade GVM?

How much does a GVM upgrade cost? The cost will depend on the vehicle’s make and model, the selected GVM Upgrade and fitment costs. Depending on these factors, prices range between $2,300 and $3,500.

How much can a 79 series tow with a GVM upgrade?

Toyota’s famous workhorse, the 79, gets an upgraded GVM of 4200kg (up from 3300kg) and a revised GCM of 7400kg (up from 6800kg). NOTE: When fitting a Lovells 4200kg GVM to the Landcruiser Ute, the vehicle must have a minimum Tyre Load Index of 117 to remain compliant.

What happens if you exceed GVM?

Read more about GVM Driving an overloaded vehicle is dangerous and illegal. If caught, you can face heavy fines and your vehicle could be impounded by police or transport authorities. Insurers can also reject a claim if you have an accident and your vehicle is proven to be overweight at the time.

Are 79 series reliable?

Auto Review: 2019 Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series GXL (single cab) Pros – very reliable; good towing capacity; plenty of load carry capability.

Does increasing your GVM increase your GCM?

No. A GVM upgrade does not change how much weight your vehicle is legally allowed to tow, as it does not increase the Gross Combined Mass (GCM). However, owners do need to understand that any weight added to your vehicle, whether you have a GVM upgrade or not, can have an effect on how much you can tow.

How much is a 79 series Landcruiser worth?

The popular 79 Series double-cab GXL gets the biggest price bump: up $3860 to $75,600 before on-road costs. Headlining the updates is a new infotainment system, which measures in at 6.1 inches, and includes navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.