What is Azgil in English?

Azgil goes by the English name loquat (or so a Google search tells me). This juicy, pear-like fruit can be found on route to the north in the summers.

How long do medlar trees live?

30 -60 years
Description – Medlar is a slow-growing and small tree typically growing to 6m tall in a fairly compact form. It is generally a short-lived tree, with a life span typically in the range of 30 -60 years. Highly ornamental large white flowers appear in May and dot themselves among the foliage, creating a pretty display.

What is Zalzalak in English?

5) Zalzalak Just the name itself is so weird that I think it gives you an idea about the weirdness of the fruit. It tastes amazing though, it’s a little sweet and sour which causes this extreme satisfaction of your taste buds. The name in english is ‘hawthorn’

How do I grow mespilus?

Medlars grow best in a deep, fertile, well-drained soil and tolerate most soils, unless they are very chalky or poorly drained. They prefer a warm, sheltered, sunny site but can be grown in partial shade. Leaves and flowers are easily damaged by strong winds.

What does medlar look like?

Medlars are a hardy fruit that look like a cross between a small apple and a rosehip. When ripe, they’re hard and green. They’re picked at this stage, but aren’t edible until they’ve become half rotten or ‘bletted’, when they turn brown and soft.

What do medlar trees look like?

Medlar trees have spectacular autumn colours. In spring the tree will produce a display of pretty blossom before fruits appear in summer. Autumn will bring a magnificent blaze of gold and red foliage and even in winter the distinctive contorted branches are an attractive feature in the bleak winter garden.

How do you take care of a medlar tree?

Medlars aren’t really fussy. They prefer a warm, sheltered site with moist, well-drained soil (don’t we all?) but will do well in most soils, so long as they’re not excessively chalky or badly drained. It’s worth watering them in very dry spells, especially in the first three or four years of life.

How big does a medlar tree grow?

The Medlar Tree Medlars are large, deciduous shrubs or small trees, growing up to eight meters tall with a spread of about six meters. They have dark green and oval leaves that are rather leathery and turn yellow or red in autumn.

What is the famous fruit of Iran?

Iran ranks 1st in the world in the production of pomegranates, 2nd in dates, 3rd in figs, 3rd in cherries, 7th in grapes, and 7th in oranges.

What is the fruit of the hawthorn called?

On the back of the hawthorn flower, there is a seed that grows into a green fruit. By the fall, the fruit ripens into a red orb. The fruit is called a haw. Although haws are structurally pomes, they are many times called berries due to their small size.

How do you Blet medlars?

To blet medlars Pull off the leaves and place the whole fruits on a shallow plate. Leave them at cool room temperature till they turn deep brown and are soft, almost squashy, to the touch. They are then ready to cook.

When should I prune my medlar?

Pruning should be performed towards the end of dormancy, in February/early March. But it is best to leave the medlar tree to its own devices. Lots of pruning in the early years will delay the cropping of the tree.

Are medlar trees Evergreen?

Medlar trees are fully self-fertile and one tree will quite happily produce fruit on its own. Medlar fruit will be produced on three to four year old trees and and cropping will be at its maximum on a five to six year old tree. All medlar trees are deciduous (loose their leaves in winter).

How long does it take a medlar tree to bear fruit?

No, medlars are self-pollinating. Will I get fruit the first year? No. Expect first fruit in 3 years after planting and 5-7 years after planting for full fruit.

What is the national animal of Iran?

Asiatic lion
Rather than a single national animal, Iran instead has a list of national symbols, which includes the Asiatic lion, Asiatic cheetah, Persian leopard, Persian cat, and Persian fallow deer.

What is the national plant of Iran?

The national flower of Iran is the water lily which is also called nymphaea (Niloofare Abi, in Persian). The flower is the national flower of Iran since the Achaemenid Empire era (552 BC).

What does a bletted medlar look like?

Any time from a week to three weeks later, the fruit will have bletted. The skin will have browned and possibly become slightly wrinkled, and the fruit will be soft to the touch. Eat as soon as it’s ready, as this seems to be when it’s at its most tangy and citrus.

What is the best medlar tree?

The Iranian Medlar is best variety we supply for eating fresh. It produces a small conical fruit which ripens on the tree in early November. It has very soft juicy texture and a good balance of sweetness and acidity. Westerveld and Royal are two very good later ripening varieties.