How can you maintain information for an infotype to maintain information in an infotype you could use?

How to Maintain Infotypes?

  1. Step 1 − Go to SPRO → IMG → Personnel Management → Organizational Management → Basic Setting → Data model enhancement → Infotype Maintenance → Maintain Infotypes → Execute.
  2. Step 2 − Select the Infotypes to which the newly created custom object needs to be assigned.

What is Infotype in HR?

An infotype is an information unit used to maintain master data related to SAP human resource management systems (HRMS). An infotypes contains a four-digit code with a related name and is capable of maintaining employee data.

In which table we can modify the screen of a particular infotype?

T588M — Meta Data

Description: Infotype Screen Control
Main Category: Personnel Mgmt
Sub Category: Personnel Administration
Table type: Transparent Table (TRANSP)

What is meant by infotype?

In the SAP System, the information units used to enter master data are called infotypes . Infotypes are used to group related data fields together. They provide information with a structure, facilitate data entry, and enable you to store data for specific periods.

What is screen modification in SAP HCM?

Using screen modifications, you can edit the characteristics of the individual infotype fields. For example, you can hide fields that you do not need, or you can make essential fields mandatory. You can also modify the screen for different subtypes of an infotype or based on an employee’s organizational assignment.

What is infotype subtype in SAP HR?

The term “infotype” is unique to the SAP HCM module and denotes “information type”. To put it simply, an infotype is a grouping of related data fields used to store employee data. Every infotype has a start date and an end date to define the validity of the information. Some infotypes are further split into subtypes.

What is custom Infotype SAP HR?

Infotypes can be defined as the set of related data grouped together according to subject matter. For example, Employee’s personal data (Like Employee’s name, Date of birth etc.), organizational data etc. Infotypes can be identified by their four-digit keys, for example, the Addresses infotype (0006).

What is Infotype in SAP HCM?

How do I create ad hoc query in SAP HR?

SAP AD HOC Query Tutorial (S_PH0_48000513)

  1. Select a Work Area – queries linked to a specific client or to all clients.
  2. Choose a User Group – to access available infosets.
  3. Choose an Infoset – In the list select the desired infoset.
  4. Click the Check Mark Button.

What is the unique identifier for an PA Infotype?

Each infotype has a 4-digit numeric identifier, like Infotype 0008 for Basic Pay. There are certain ranges of numbers to denote the types of data in the infotype. For example, Personnel Administration data can be found on infotypes in the number range 0000 through 0999.

How do I add infotype to ad hoc query?

Adding custom infotypes to your Infoset

  1. Navigate to transaction code SQ02 (InfoSet initial screen).
  2. Select your existing InfoSet that you use for your queries and select the Change button.
  3. Follow the menu path Edit > Change Info-type Selection.

What is adhoc query in SAP HR?

The Ad Hoc Query is a tool for building reports and queries on basic data of an employee.It offers access to data of all SAP infotypes. This tool can process data linked to: o Time management o Organizational management o Compensation management o Training etc.

Is a predefined group of infotype to execute a particular HR business process?

Schedule Model (Infotype 1042) is a pre-defined group of infotypes to execute a particular HR business process. This basically defines the procedure of Training and Event Management, how the different steps are to be taken for booking different bookings and pre-bookings.

What is the use of the HR_InfoType_operation function?

The HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION function module is used for the Maintenance of HR infotypes, such as inserting, changing, deleting data etc

Can HR_InfoType_operation FM be used to change an InfoType?

I am using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION FM for changing a infotype depending on the user input. This FM does not change the record with modify operation (MOD). The infotype does exist with a single record in the system and I am passing the whole key to the record. I am trying it with infotype 0077.

Does Bapi_family_change also call HR_InfoType_operation?

Actually “BAPI_FAMILY_CHANGE” will also call “HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION” with operation “MOD”, but unfortunately it’s getting a run time error when try to execute “HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION”, the error message is : Is there any way to modify Infotype 0021?

What are the challenges faced while using HR_InfoType_operation?

From ABAP side we do face lot of challenges while using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION, primary one will be employee locking issue along with inconsistent commit transaction as internally given functional module called PA40 through means of BDC – Batch Data Communication.