What country owns Amazon?

U.S. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos from his garage in Bellevue, Washington, on July 5, 1994.

Who owns amazon2022?

He is the founder, executive chairman and former president and CEO of Amazon. With a net worth of around US$171 billion as of June 2022, Bezos is the second-wealthiest person in the world and was the wealthiest from 2017 to 2021 according to both Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index and Forbes.

What is the full name of Amazon?

Amazon.com, Inc., known as Amazon (/ˈæməˌzɒn/), is an American online business and cloud computing company….Amazon (company)

Logo since 2000
The Amazon Spheres, part of the Amazon headquarters campus in Seattle
Trade name Amazon
Formerly Cadabra, Inc. (1971–95)
Type Public

What is Amazon Wikipedia?

It is the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon.com stairtit as an online bookstore, but suin diversifee’d, selling DVDs, CDs, MP3 downloads, software, video gemes, electronics, apparel, furniture, toys, an jewelry.

How are Jeff Bezos and George Strait related?

Using Find a Grave, which is owned by Ancestry.com, they found quite a few degrees of separation between them: “Strait and Bezos’ mother, Jacklyn Gise, are second cousins, making Strait’s son, Bubba, third cousins to Jeff Bezos,” Billy Dukes wrote.

Who founded Amazon?

Jeff BezosAmazon.com / Founder

What countries is Amazon in?

Amazon is currently the largest online marketplace serving countries worldwide. It has dedicated marketplaces for the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, China, India, Mexico, and new ones are always being added.

How many companies does Jeff Bezos own?

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon who is globally known for being the richest man on Earth has an estimated net worth of US$129.9bn. He is the first to attain the US$100bn mark. As widely expected, major part of his revenue is generated from Amazon, a global e-commerce platform.

Who owns Amazon by percentage?

Jeffrey Bezos is currently the largest shareholder, with 13% of shares outstanding. With 6.5% and 5.6% of the shares outstanding respectively, The Vanguard Group, Inc. and BlackRock, Inc. are the second and third largest shareholders.

What does Jeff Blackburn do?

Jeff Blackburn ’91 is currently Senior Vice President of Global Media and Entertainment at Amazon.com. He leads the teams responsible for Amazon’s content and advertising businesses including Prime Video, Amazon Studios, IMDb and Amazon Music.