Why do they call Shirley Muldowney cha cha?

Shirley made her official debut at New York’s Fonda Speedway in 1958, and it wasn’t long before her dancerly driving style earned her the nickname ‘Cha Cha’. Competitors of all genders quaked in Shirley’s wake, and, in 1965, she was the first woman to be granted a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) licence.

Who is Rahn Tobler working for?

Four-time world championship-winning nitro crew chief Rahn Tobler has made the decision to retire from racing and will depart Don Schumacher Racing at the end of this month. Tobler has been the crew chief of the Ron Capps-driven NAPA Funny Car since 2012.

How old is Don Garlits?

90 years (January 14, 1932)Don Garlits / Age

Who was the first woman to drag?

Shirley Muldowney
Shirley Muldowney (born June 19, 1940), also known professionally as “Cha Cha” and the “First Lady of Drag Racing”, is an American auto racer. She was the first woman to receive a license from the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) to drive a Top Fuel dragster.

Who was the first drag racer to go over 200 mph?

Garlits was the first drag racer to officially surpass the 170, 180, 200, 240, 250, and 270 mile-per-hour marks in the quarter mile; he was also the first to top 200 mph (320 km/h) in the 1⁄8 mi (0.20 km). He has been inducted into several Halls of Fame and has won many awards during his career.

Is Ron Capps retiring?

– After 17 years and two NHRA Funny Car championships with Don Schumacher Racing, Ron Capps has announced his departure from the team. Capps, who recently earned his second NHRA Funny Car title, made the news official in a social media post Saturday evening. He has not yet announced his plans for next year.

Is Don Garlits still married?

The drag racing world is mourning the death of Pat Garlits, wife of “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, who passed away Sunday at the age of 79, according to the Leesburg (Fla.)

How did Don Garlits make his money?

Don Garlits was born in Florida, and began drag racing in the mid-1950s in a car he built himself, in his backyard. That car, made up of parts from a 1927 Ford Model “T” Roadster, a 1948 Mercury, a 1939 Ford, and a 1948 Ford, would help him win his first NHRA championship race.

Who is the best female drag racer?

Judy “Miss Mighty Mopar” Lilly is one of the female pioneers in drag racing. Spending 12 years on the NHRA circuit, Lilly is the only female driver to win two NHRA national events in one year.

Why is Jack Beckman leaving NHRA?

Lack of sponsorship has cost Jack Beckman and Tommy Johnson Jr. rides at Don Schumacher Racing. If the big teams are unable to find competitive sponsorships for proven winners, what does that say about the health of the sport? Let us know your take on the state of the NHRA with the season opener just a month away.

Who is on Don Schumacher’s team?

Tony Schumacher
Don Schumacher Racing, a behemoth in the sport since 1998, enters the 2022 season with just one major driver, Tony Schumacher, the son of the team owner.

Who is Shirley Muldowney?

Muldowney was described by longtime drag racer Fred Farndon as the “best ‘natural’ driver (top fuel or funny car), no question.” Her recent activities include the dictation of her memoirs, Shirley Muldowney’s Tales from the Track, which Bill Stephens transcribed, and which Sports Publishing L.L.C. published in 2005.

How did Tony Tobler and Shirley meet?

Tobler met Shirley in 1976, when he was a crewman for Marvin Graham’s top-fuel dragster and Shirley was traveling the NHRA circuit with Connie Kalitta. He had become involved in drag racing when he was 15, shortly after his family had moved from Inglewood to Houston.

What did Shirley Tobler do at Mount Clemens?

At Mount Clemens, Tobler was cook, housekeeper, nurse, chauffeur and psychiatrist. “I sure learned to appreciate what a housewife goes through,” Tobler said. “Shirley’s mother showed me how to cook, but I had to do all the grocery shopping, keep the house clean, do the washing and look after Shirley.

What happened to Mary Muldowney?

A crash in 1984 crushed her hands, pelvis, and legs, necessitating half a dozen operations and 18 months of therapy. Muldowney was sidelined for a long period, but returned to the circuit in the late 1980s. She continued to race, mostly without major sponsorship, throughout the 1990s in IHRA competition, as well as match-racing events.