Who owns WhirlyBall?

Sam Elias
WhirlyBall is a compelling LBE phenomenon. Invented in the 1960s in Utah by Stan Magnum, who owned an automotive shop, the game was then brought to Chicagoland by its owner, Sam Elias, 30 years ago.

Is Whirlyball a Chicago thing?

In the Chicagoland area, Whirlyball has locations in Chicago, Vernon Hills, Brookfield, and Naperville.

What do you wear to WhirlyBall?

Is there a dress code at Whirlyball. We recommend that you do not wear a dress as you are in a bumper car. Everything else is fine.

Is there a weight limit for WhirlyBall?

Is there a weight limit. No there is not. What is the minimum amount of people. When you reserve the court the minimum amount of people is 10.

Do you need close toed shoes for WhirlyBall?

We recommend pants or slacks. Skirts and high-heeled shoes are strongly discouraged if participating in WhirlyBall, bowling, or LaserTag. No sandals or bare feet are allowed on the court or in the WhirlyBug™.

Can you play WhirlyBall pregnant?

We do have a height requirement, but anyone 54 inches or taller can play. And if you are pregnant or have a heart or spine condition, we advise sitting this one out and cheering on your friends from the sidelines. You can have up to 10 players on the court at a time.

How many people are in WhirlyBall?

Two teams of five players face off against each other on a WhirlyBall court. Each player uses a scoop to pick up a Wiffle ball from their WhirlyBug™ and either pass to their teammates or shoot at the goal. Each team’s objective is to score a goal from a hanging target (think of a basketball hoop with no rim).

Do you need close toed shoes for Whirlyball?

Can you play Whirlyball pregnant?

Is WhirlyBall kid friendly?

Whirlyball is ACTIVE FUN Game play is fast paced regardless of age or skill level. There is no age limit, but players must be able to reach the gas pedal. It may not look like it, but Whirlyball is active fun and you’ll break a sweat.

Do you need closed toed shoes for WhirlyBall?

Can you do WhirlyBall while pregnant?