When can I get a new insulin pump?

Speak with your diabetes team. Most insurance companies will not pay for a new pump more often than every four years, so this is a device you will have for a while. Finally, remember this is not a permanent decision. You can get a pump, wear it, stop wearing it, restart it—whatever works for you.

Does Medtronic do payment plans?

Pay around $49*/month depending on insurance coverage. For a simple monthly payment, the Flex program offers a package which includes a Medtronic insulin pump, transmitter, infusion sets and reservoirs. Call today to learn more about your monthly cost to start using the Medtronic insulin pump therapy!

Is an insulin pump covered by insurance?

Insulin pumps are covered under a special section of your insurance plan known as the durable medical equipment section.

Can a Type 2 diabetic get an insulin pump?

If you have type 2 diabetes and take multiple insulin shots, you may want to ask your doctor about the insulin pump. Insulin pumps are small, computerized devices (about the size of a small cell phone) that allow for a continuous flow of a rapid-acting insulin to be released into your body.

How much is an insulin pump without insurance?

Without insurance, a new insulin pump costs about $6,000 out of pocket, plus another $3,000 to $6,000 annually for ongoing supplies, like batteries and sensors. The cost varies depending on the features, software, brand, and size of the pump.

Will Medicare pay for an insulin pump?

Medicare Part B is the portion of Medicare that covers a tubed insulin pump. Part B typically covers doctor’s office visits and durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs or crutches. Medicare considers an insulin pump a piece of durable medical equipment.

What’s the difference between Medtronic 770G and 780G?

In brief, the difference between the 670G and 770G relate to sensor changes and Bluetooth capabilities to communicate with an app for cellular phones. The 780G includes all the changes from the 770G, and also includes new hybrid closed-loop algorithm upgrades.

How to contact Medtronic for insulin pump support?

For people who in the United States who have Medtronic: Insulin pump; Continuous glucose monitor; TELEPHONE. 24-Hour Product Technical Support (800) 646-4633 option 1 (Toll free) Ordering Supplies Monday – Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, Central Time (800) 646-4633 option 2 (Toll free) Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitors Sales

What is the Medtronic drug pump?

For people in the United States who have Medtronic: Drug pump (targeted drug delivery) for chronic pain, cancer pain, or severe spasticity (ITB Therapy) For people in the United States who have been treated with Medtronic:

How do I order a insulin pump in Australia?

INSULIN PUMP ORDER FORM Once completed, please send this form via email to: [email protected] or fax to 02 9857 9237. All sections must be completed for the order to be processed.

How do I get support for my Medtronic device?

It is important to call the Patient Services area that specializes in your type of device. Select the group below to view the support information for your type of device. For people in the United States who have Medtronic: