Is pencilfish Hardy?

Anything but Tetras! The Joy of Keeping Pencilfish. If you’re bored of common tetras, pencilfish might make an excellent alternative for a schooling community fish. Learn about this small–mouthed and highly tolerant species, along with its complex yet rewarding breeding behavior.

Are killifish Livebearers?

Killifish are sometimes mistaken for livebearers although they are not. Killies are egg layers and usually require a spawning mop in order to successfully breed in the fish aquarium. The majority of the killifish available today are captive bred and very hardy, adjusting to a variety of water conditions.

Do killifish have teeth?

Killifish vary widely in appearance. One thing most of them do have in common though is the bright colors and vivid patterns. The males are much brighter than the females, and most killies’ heads are flat at the top. Their mouths are at the tip of their face or underneath and their teeth are long, curved, and pointed.

Do killifish like soft water?

This popular killifish comes from West Africa where it lives in small streams and ponds in the rainforest. It grows to 2 1/2 inches. They are very easy to sex, the male having the characteristic, lyre-shaped caudal fin. They need soft, slightly acidic water and are egg-hangers.

Why are killifish called killifish?

The word killifish is of uncertain origin, but is likely to have come from the Dutch kil for a kill (small stream).

What is Nano fish?

NANO FISH are fish that grow less than two inches and are suitable for aquariums as small as 10 gallons. The amount of fish that an aquarium can safely support is relative to the level of filtration, maintenance, and feeding.

Do rasboras like tannins?

They prefer shallow water and abundant aquatic plant growth. The water is often stained brown from tannins released by leaves and other organic matter, and the pH can be as low as 4.0 in some habitats.

Are killifish top swimmers?

Most killifish are slender and pike shaped, which makes them great swimmers. Some have a more cylindrically shaped body with short rounded fins and others have long broad fins. The body shape varies depending on the species, but they all have a dorsal fin set towards the back half of their body.

Will killifish eat flakes?

killie foods Killifish vary considerably in their adaptability, many accepting various prepared pellets and flake foods. Though this means that many will take a staple of prepared foods, I would imagine that many would supplement (and in some cases heavily) diets with frozen foods or even live foods.

What are the different types of pencilfish?

The most popular species of Pencilfish for the home aquarium include the following: Golden Pencilfishes, Two-Stripe Pencilfishes, Brown Pencilfishes, Dwarf Pencilfishes, Shining Pencilfishes, Three-Stripe Pencilfishes, and One-Line Pencilfishes.

What does a pencil fish look like?

Pencilfish generally exhibit gold or iridescent coloration on the body, often with one or more horizontal black stripes. Most also have some red, orange, or maroon coloration in their fins with splashes of color on the sides of the body as well.

Where do pencilfish live?

The homeland of the Pencilfish is South America. This fish can be found in the Amazon and Rio Negro. They gravitate towards heavily overgrown water bodies with a large number of snags. From the numerous litter of leaves of tropical trees, water is saturated with humic substances, which give it a characteristic “black” shade.

What do pencilfish eat?

These fish enjoy brine shrimp and other small live foods as well as algae wafers and some fresh vegetation. In order to increase your chances for success, it is best to remove Pencilfish from the community tank for breeding. These fish are egg layers and they tend to scatter their eggs over plants.