What is the salary of BITS professor?

Pay Structure for the Faculty The following is the pay structure for all faculty members:

Designation Grade Entry Pay (Rs.)
Professor 1,73,900 (No Cap)
Associate Professor 1,48,100
Assistant Professor I 1,31,400
Assistant Professor I 1,01,500

Is BITS Goa comparable to NITs?

BITS is a private college, while NITs are government-run colleges. While you have to spend lakhs for your education in BITS, you can do the same with less than half that cost, with almost equal output, in NITs.

How is the faculty at BITS Pilani?

It has good faculty, placements, campus, and amazing peer group, but the fee is really very high. Faculty: Most of the professors in BITS Pilani are really good, although exceptions do exist. Their teaching quality is quite good. The course curriculum is relevant.

Is BITS Goa better than NIT Trichy?

Placements are excellent. NIT Trichy is much much better than BITS Goa. If you ask for NIT Trichy Vs BIts Pilani , then we should think. For BITs Goa vs NIT tirchy, No Doubts , Go with NIT Trichy.

Is BITS Pilani Faculty good?

How are professors at bits Quora?

It is not necessary to have extraordinary lecturers and Professors for BITS Pilani. Students pay for the brand, not the learning. They are great academicians, but jsut above average Professors and researchers. Their work is outstanding but not inspiring to many of us.

Is BITS Goa tier 2?

Tier 2-Remaining IITs,Remaining NITs,University of Calcutta University of Hyderabad,BIT Mesra,BITS (Goa and Hyd),VIT and SRM (Main Campuses).

Which is better IIT or bits?

However, as BITS Pilani have made it a point to adapt to changes in technology faster than IITs. Thus, BITS is better equipped with world-class infrastructures than IITs.

How many school kits has BITS Pilani distributed in Goa?

Recently BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus, with the help of financial support from BITSAA International, distributed 67 school kits consisting of a school bag, note-books and other stationery material to the students of two government primary schools in Zari and Zuarinagar – located in the vicinity of the campus.

How is the educational process at BITS Pilani?

The innovative educational process at BITS aims at strengthening its first degree apart from continuously evolving its higher degree programmes. The effort is to make all the academic programmes more purposeful and to improve the employability of our graduates.

How can I check the status of my BITS Pilani faculty application?

Thanks for your interest in a faculty position with BITS Pilani. The applications received up to July 24 are now under processing. The status of your application may be viewed from Aug 20 2021 using the login credentials you have used for applying in our recruitment portal.

Who attended the functions held at BITS Pilani and bitsaa?

On behalf of BITS Pilani, Estate Manager Mr. A K Patil, Faculty In-Charge of Community Welfare Dr. Rashmi Chauhan, PRO Mr. Arjun Halarnkar and Alumni Relations Cell official Mr. Bhalwinder Singh Sohal attended the functions held at the respective schools. BITSAA (BITS Pilani Alumni Association) has over 84000 alumni spanning over six decades.