How much is a massage in Houston?

A couples massage in Houston can cost between $100 and $300, depending on the treatment you’ve arranged. The cost will be determined by what type of massage you have and how long it is. A half-hour back massage, for example, is usually much cheaper than an hour-long full-body massage.

How much are massages in Texas?

Massage Prices Dallas and Corpus Christi

Duration Price Price
50 minutes $130.00 $170.00
50 minutes *Massage Time $50.00
60 minutes $85.00 $125.00
60 minutes $120.00 $170.00

Do massage therapists massage buttocks?

A massage therapist can do a butt massage as part of an all-body massage. You can also ask them to specifically focus on the butt and any areas of pain or discomfort. Medical insurance is unlikely to cover massage therapy, but some may cover massage therapy with a note and prescription from your doctor.

What is the best massage school in Houston?

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How to become a massage therapist in Texas?

Anatomy: 50 hours

  • Physiology: 25 hours
  • Swedish massage: 125 hours
  • Hydrotherapy: 15 hours
  • Ethics and business practice: 15 hours
  • Health and hygiene; 20 hours
  • Internship: 50 hours
  • Is massage therapy school worth it?

    Massage therapy school is worth it because one cannot take a State licensure exam without demonstrating proof of education at a State-approved school. It is also important to work with experienced instructors to learn techniques that are safe and well adapted to your client’s overall health and condition.

    How do you find a massage therapist?

    Using a suction cup, you can securely mount the massager on a wall and target everything from hip flexers, shoulders and back without having to lay on the ground like other massage roller tools. Get it from Amazon $40.99.