What are good Tankmates for red devil cichlids?

Tank mates for my Red Devil Cichlid include Rosey Barbs, Albino Shark and a couple of Guppies. Total in the tank includes about 15 other fish. Give it time. As your cichlid grows it may become more aggressive and those tank mates such as rosy barbs and guppies may vanish.

Can Red Devils live with cichlids?

Convict Cichlids, sometimes called Zebra Cichlids, can be kept with a Red Devil with caution. This Cichlid grows to be about 5 inches long, which means it runs into the same problem as the Firemouth Cichlid. The Convicts are similar to the Firemouths in more ways than one.

Can two red devil cichlids live together?

If you do want to keep multiple fish in one tank, you’ll need a massive tank. Many hiding places and natural territory separations can help to avoid aggression. The good news is that Red Devil Cichlids can be kept in pairs. These fish are monogamous, so you can keep males and females together in most cases.

How big do Red Devil cichlid get?

Native to Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua in Central America, the red devil cichlid (Amphilophus labiatus) is a large fish that reaches 15 inches (over 38 cm) in length when it is full-grown.

What do Red Devils like in their tank?

Cichlids enjoy earthworms, bloodworms, krill, and even crickets, but as omnivores, they need plant foods as well. Spirulina flakes, lettuce, broccoli, or shelled peas make for good supplements and help your fish to resist common tank illnesses better. Feed your red devil cichlid several times per day.

How long do Red Devils live?

Red Devil Fish Stats

Aquarist Experience Level Intermediate
Lifespan 10-12 years
Temparament Aggressive
Average Size 15 inches
Minimum Tank size 55 gallons

Do Oscars prefer sand or gravel?

When it comes to housing oscar fish, both sand and gravel work well as substrates. But before you go shoveling the stuff into your tank, take note: Oscars enjoy digging, as well as taking in and spitting out substrates (like sand).