What is a gobo logo?

A gobo (which stands for ‘goes before optics’) is a stencil that is placed inside projector which produces a light projection of an image or text. You’ve probably seen them used at weddings or at restaurants where they’re used to project a logo onto the wall, but have you ever wondered how they’re made?

How much does gobo lighting cost?

Quick Pricing Reference: Steel – $79 original – $40 each copy. Glass Black and White – $175 original – $85 each copy. Glass 1 Color – $175 original – $85 each copy.

How do gobo projectors work?

With a gobo, focus is key. The light comes from the lamp or diode and hits the gobo, which blocks out all of the light except for the desired pattern. The light then hits the lens, which flips the image back around to the correct orientation so it will appear as desired on a wall or floor.

How do logo projectors work?

Logo projection requires a gobo, gobo projector, and a projection surface. The gobo is a small disc or template made of film, metal, or glass that carries your logo design or other desired image. The gobo is placed into a gobo projector and when light passes through the lens, the image appears on the selected surface.

How do you know what size gobo to get?

When discussing size, there are two numbers to consider: One is the outside diameter of the gobo, and the other is the inside width of the image. For example, a size-A gobo has an outside diameter of 86 mm, while the inside image has a maximum diameter of 64 mm.

How long does it take to make a Gobo?

They are solid pieces of layered glass. Glass gobos have a lead time of 2-5 business days depending on the complexity of design. -Steel gobos are stencils (holes cut out of a thin metal disc) and the manufacturer will sometimes need to alter a design slightly to make it into a stencil (particularly with lettering).

What is a gobo design?

A gobo is a template that light shines through to project an image onto a surface. The term gobo is an acronym that stands for GOes Before Optics. Gobos are used in specialty gobo lights that are designed to shine through the gobo template and project the design from the template onto a surface.

Which type of projection is used for advertising?

Projection advertising – also known as projection media or street projection, is the act of projecting still images or moving imagery onto a building, landmark or the landscape, for advertising purposes.

How long can xibaisi custom logo projector light project?

10 m Longer Projection Distance! Our LED Logo Projector Light can project up to 10 meters. Rotating and Stop Function : Xibaisi Custom Logo Projector can project 2 different effect: rotating or static image! you can press the button at bottom of the logo projector. All Aluminum body and glass lens.

Why choose our led logo projector light?

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What is the projection distance of the led logo projector light?

10 m Longer Projection Distance! Our LED Logo Projector Light can project up to 10M. Rotating and Stop Projection Image: This Custom Logo Projector can project 2 different effect: rotating or static image for your logo, you can press the button to change the projection effect