Is GRE required for UC San Diego?

What is your department’s minimum GRE score required for admission? Our department does not have a minimum GRE score required for admission to our program. Applications are reviewed holistically, so applicants with a low GRE score and high performance in other areas may still receive an offer of admission.

What is a good GRE score for UCSD?


University Verbal (Average Score) Quant (Minimum Score)
University of California San Diego 154 164
California Technological University 158 164
Princeton University 158 157
University of Wisconsin Madison 157 160

Does USC require a GRE?

While most USC graduate programs require either GRE or GMAT scores, test requirements may vary by program. Please contact your intended program directly to determine if they will accept any other standardized tests.

Is UCSD grad school hard to get into?

The University of California San Diego is very difficult to get into. UCSD’s Class of 2025 had an applicant pool of 98,669 and accepted 37,584 students—giving the school an overall acceptance rate of 38%. UCSD’s acceptance rate is low, but your personal chances of acceptance are tied to the strength of your profile.

Does University of California accept GRE?

The vast majority of the University of California at Berkeley’s more than 125 graduate programs will not require the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) for this year’s admissions cycle.

Is a 308 GRE score good?

Most admitted applicants have scores of 750 or higher on the Quantitative section of the test. Finally, let’s check out University of Illinois at Chicago. They say that they require “A total score of 308 or above on the official GRE exam (153+ verbal, 155+ quantitative).” Again, this is a minimum.

Did USC waived GRE for fall 2022?

USC understands that graduate program applicants’ ability to complete the GRE examination may have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic. As a result, the university has temporarily suspended the GRE requirement for all applicants during the 2021 and 2022 admissions cycles.

Is UCSD rigorous?

Academics are more challenging and rigorous than I could have ever expected. Every single student here has to work incredibly hard, but the reward comes in gaining an unparalleled education. Like any large, public university, UCSD has a range of classes from 300 person lecture halls to a 15 person discussion setting.

What is the UCSD institution and ECE department code for GRE?

PhD Applications: GRE scores are optional and NOT required for PhD admission. What is the UCSD institution and ECE department codes for the GRE and TOEFL? GRE Institution Code: 4836 (You may add ECE’s GRE Department Code 1203, but it is not required.)

What GRE scores do I need to submit to UCSD?

GRE General Test (For Fall 22 intake, submitting scores are required for MS applications. For PhD applications, scores are not required, but recommended ). Use institution code 4836 to report scores to UCSD. International applicants: Demonstrate English language proficiency via one of four options:

Why ECE at UC San Diego?

ECE has long been a powerhouse at UC San Diego with its innovative and impactful research led by top-notch faculty and outstanding graduate and undergraduate students. When our Chancellor challenged us to “break from the ordinary” to make the world a better place, ECE accepted it with a conviction that the work we can do can change our future.

What is the institution code for the GRE?

When ordering your GRE score reports, use UCSD’s institution code 4836. The department codes are not necessary. GRE score reports are typically received electronically within 5-7 business days from the order date. More information about the GRE may be obtained from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website.