Is FARC gone?

The referendum failed with 50.24% voting against. On November 24, 2016, the Colombian government and the FARC signed a revised peace deal, which the Colombian Congress approved on 30 November. On 27 June 2017, FARC ceased to be an armed group, disarming itself and handing over its weapons to the United Nations.

Is Colombia a democratic country?

The Politics of Colombia take place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Colombia is both head of state and head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is carried out by the government.

Is Medellin Safe 2022?

Generally — yes! Medellin is a safe place for travelers (with a little know-how!). Locals in Medellin helped us create this guide to safety in their hometown. It includes everything from the coronavirus to tips for solo travelers.

How do I take a map offline?

You have the following two options for taking a map offline. Some apps may support one or the other, or both. On demand—Field users can download any portion of the map whenever they need it. The field user specifies the area they want to take offline along with the details of the basemap required.

What are the requirements for creating an offline map?

Before you begin creating an offline map, make sure your data meets the following requirements for offline use: • Data must be available online • Data must include a basemap • Data used in a map enabled for editing must include at least one editable layer • Layers must be enabled for offline use Data must be available online

Can my mobile workers use the maps offline?

Once your maps are configured for offline use, your mobile workers can collect data and explore assets whether or not they have an internet connection. Any work they do offline can be synced to the office once they are back in a connected environment.

What are the benefits of using an offline map?

Map areas speed up and simplify the map download process for field workers. To take a web map offline, all the layers, including the basemap and reference layers, must be enabled for offline use. Esri raster basemaps and Esri vector basemaps are automatically enabled for offline use.