How many restaurants does Richard Sandoval own?

50 restaurant
Richard Sandoval Hospitality has over 50 restaurant concepts around the globe.

Who owns el centro restaurant?

Founded by Chef/Owner Richard Sandoval, we develop concepts and business strategies that build the reputations, tell the stories, and grow the revenues of restaurant and hospitality brands alike.

Where is Richard Sandoval from?

Pomona, California
Richard Sandoval (born 18 October 1960) is an American retired professional boxer and former Lineal and WBA Bantamweight Champion….

Richie Sandoval
Nationality American
Born October 18, 1960 Pomona, California
Stance Orthodox

Who owns Toro Toro?

Richard Sandoval Hospitality
Richard Sandoval Hospitality was founded by Mexican-born chef and restaurateur, Richard Sandoval and is based in Denver. The contemporary Latin restaurant group owns and operates 45 restaurant concepts globally. This is the sixth Toro Toro concept for the company which has another Texas location in Fort Worth.

Who is Richard Sandoval?

ABOUT CHEF RICHARD SANDOVAL Chef Richard Sandoval is a global pioneer in contemporary Latin cuisine. His career as a chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur also includes serving as a television personality, cookbook author, brand ambassador and philanthropist.

What replaced El Centro DC?

Tex-Mex Bar From Owners of Mission Will Replace El Centro on 14th Street.

Who owns Exmark mower company?

The Toro Company
Today, this zero-turn product holds the leading market share in its category in the United States. Exmark became a division of The Toro Company in 1997 with corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Does ventrac own Steiner?

Venture is owned and run by the Steiner family, which had developed and made agricultural equipment and tractors before starting the Ventrac brand in 1996. The company has 325 employees and about $100 million in annual revenue.

Is Steiner and ventrac the same company?

The two main brand options out there come from Steiner and Ventrac — both of which have been recently acquired by other companies. In December 2019, Doosan Bobcat Inc. shared its plans to acquire the assets of Bob-Cat Mowers and the Steiner and Ryan brands of ground care equipment from Schiller Grounds Care Inc.

Who owns Steiner tractor?

Two of those divisions were sold in 1988. The Steiner Tractor line was sold to Ransomes, a British manufacturer of turf equipment. By 1996, the family’s vision and goals started to change, prompting the renaming of the company from Steiner Ag Products to Venture Products, Inc.

Does Toro own Ventrac?

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — The Toro Co. (NYSE: TTC) recently announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition of privately-held Venture Products Inc., the manufacturer of Ventrac-branded products.