Is J Hus still making music?

Here’s everything we know about the rapper’s upcoming album. J Hus has surprised his fans by announcing that he will be releasing an album this year.

What does J Hus do now?

Momodou Lamin Jallow (born 27 May 1995), known professionally as J Hus, is a British rapper and singer who has been credited with pioneering the genre afroswing. He is currently signed to Black Butter Records….Mixtapes.

Title Details
The 15th Day Released: 27 February 2017 Formats: Streaming, digital download

Who is J Hus signed to?

Black Butter RecordsJ Hus / Record labelBlack Butter Records is a British record label based in London, England. It was founded in 2010 by Olly Wood, Henry Village and Joe Gossa, with an investment of £5,000, and was named after a brand of condiments that had the same name. Wikipedia

Did J Hus retire?

J Hus, one of the UK’s most famous rappers, has shocked his fans by announcing he is retiring from touring. In a message to his 347k Twitter followers, the 23-year-old said: “No shows for the next 3/4 years, maybe more. “I will never do a tour again in my life. You won’t see me but at least you’ll hear me.”

Is J Hus touring?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for J Hus scheduled in 2022.

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How old is JHUS?

26 years (May 26, 1996)J Hus / Age

Where is JHUS from country?

Stratford, London, United KingdomJ Hus / Place of birth

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