What is Comparative Literature PDF?

“Comparative Literature is the study of literature beyond the confines of one particular. country, and the study of the relationships between literature on one hand and other areas of. knowledge and belief, such as the arts, philosophy, history, the social sciences, the sciences, religion, etc. on the other.

What is meant by Comparative Literature?

Comparative Literature focuses on the study of literature from different cultures, nations, and genres, and explores relationships between literature and other forms of cultural expression.

Who introduced Comparative Literature?

Comparative Literature had its beginnings in the West. Indian Comparative Literature is of more recent origin. Russians consider Alexander Veselovsky as the founding father of Comparative Literature. Marius- Franois Guyard’s notion of “La Litterature Comparee” had been in currency from early 19th century.

What is the importance of Comparative Literature?

One of the important objectives of Comparative Literature is “to liberate man from ignorance and prejudices and to help them retain their freedom through realization of their capacities as human beings” I and also to make the aware of experience of living.

What are the tools of comparative literature?

The study of genres or genology, the formal proceeding or morphology, the study of themes or thematology, the study of literary relations or internationality and the historical configuration or historiology may be listed as the primary methodological tools of Comparative Literature.

What is the scope of comparative literature?

Comparative literature is an interdisciplinary field whose practitioners study literature across national borders, time periods, languages, genres, boundaries between literature and the other arts (music, painting, dance, film, etc.), and across disciplines (literature and psychology, philosophy, science, history.

What are the principles of comparative literature?

The First General Principle of Comparative Literature is the postulate that in and of the study, pedagogy, and research of literature it is not the “what” but rather the “how” that is of importance.

What are the three major types of comparative literature?

Comparative Literature is trans-national, trans-medial, and transcultural.

What is the origin of comparative literature?

*The beginning of the comparative literature studies could be traced to the mythologists and ancient literary historians in Germany and France. *It was realized that literatures do not remain confined to the political boundaries of their origin and they often interact.

What is the scope of Comparative Literature?

What are the three Major types of Comparative Literature?

What are the theories of comparative literature?

Comparative literature analyses the similarities and dissimilarities and parallels between two literatures It further studies themes, modes, conventions and the use of folk-tales, myths in two different literatures or even more. Comparative literature is a study of relationships between two or more literatures.

What are the various aspects of comparative literature?

Two basic aspects of comparative literature are confirmed in it: empiricism and the necessary broadening of research into the relations between text and context, the emphasis of contextual roles. The history of comparative literature as a discipline shows that it has always been open to these solutions.

What are the scope and major aspects of comparative literature?

Comparative Literature further studies themes, modes, conventions and the use of folktales, myths in two different literatures or even more. literature. The interaction between oral literature and written literature of a particular culture or country can be studied profitably by comparison.

What can I do with a major in Comparative Literature?


  • Fine artist
  • Theatrical actor/Manager
  • Publisher/Editor
  • Screenwriter
  • Journalist/TV reporter
  • Public relations associate
  • Editing assistant
  • Writer’s agent
  • Internet specialist
  • How to write a good comparative literature essay?

    The characterization of hellenic heroes and shakespearean heroes

  • A specific aspect of Shakespeare plays and a modern play (Beckett or Brecht etc.)
  • Is the Divina Comedia a comedy?
  • Beowulf and Norse/Christian traditions
  • The portrayal of the burgeoisie in Buddenbrooks and Der Untertan
  • Why is comparative literature important?

    There is an incredible variety of written pieces you need to compare. Comparative Literature is more than comparing one book with another.

  • You get to work in another language. If you know multiple languages,you can read and write text in the original language.
  • Comparative Lit Challenges Your Viewpoint.
  • What does comparative literature mean?

    comparative literature noun study of literary works from different cultures (often in translation) Freebase (5.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition: Comparative literature Comparative literature is an academic field dealing with the literature of two or more different linguistic, cultural or nation groups.