Are Lauren and Nate still together?

Before that, we didn’t have much save for one of Nate’s recent Instagram Stories, in which he made a vague reference to “my girl” when talking about Lauren. And then the reunion dropped, and we got a full-on confirmation. We learn that Lauren and Nate remain engaged and have gone to therapy together.

Did Rae and Jake sleep together?

No matter how it looks, we did not have sex. The only thing we did was kiss. I slept in a separate bed for the first five days on the show,” he said.

Did Lauren give The Ultimatum?

Out of the six couples, Nate is one of the only two men to offer ultimatums to their partners—the other being Colby Kissinger. Nate’s reason for the ultimatum was that he wanted children, and Lauren did not.

Who is still dating from The Ultimatum?

2. Alexis and Hunter He got down on one knee and proposed to Alexis, who happily accepted, and the couple left the experiment together. But are the couple from The Ultimatum still together? Yes, they are.

Did shanique and zae sleep together?

Contrary to popular belief, Shanique and Zay did not sleep together during “The Ultimatum.” The show’s reunion episode didn’t clarify the physical stuff that occurred between Shanique and Zay during that scene in episode five, but Randall set the record straight.

Are Shane and Randall still together?

During the reunion, Shanique, who was no longer wearing her engagement ring, revealed that she and Randall broke up for roughly six months shortly after filming wrapped in May 2021, but have since gotten back together.

Who is April with now ultimatum?

Cody Cooper
On Thursday, April revealed her beau, Cody Cooper, on Instagram. She uploaded a video of some of the romantic moments they’ve shared since they started dating. In one clip, they are dancing and in another they hold hands while he is driving.

Who slept together The Ultimatum?

April Marie and Jake Cunningham At one point, Jake said that if he had to make a decision there and then, he would leave with Rae and not April. However, he and April later reunited, with the pair revealing they’d slept together.

Is anyone still together from ultimatum?

Madlyn accepted, and the two exchanged vows. The biggest surprise came during the reunion. Not only are the two still together, but Madlyn revealed that she is seven months pregnant with a baby girl. Colby and Madlyn’s experience is one of the reasons why The Ultimatum is one of the best dating reality TV shows.

Are any couples from ultimatum still together?

But are the couple from The Ultimatum still together? Yes, they are. At the time of the reunion show, the pair were planning a June wedding and Alexis has finally moved in with Hunter.

Was April pregnant in The Ultimatum?

It led her to purchase a pregnancy test just to be safe. She had mentioned that she’d been experiencing fertility issues and that Jake had often not used protection. April learned that she wasn’t pregnant and Jake appeared to be relieved, a reaction that gave April mixed feelings.

Did Colby and April hook up?

And although we witnessed an on-screen kiss during the pair’s last night together, April revealed that that’s as far the intimacy went. After a fan asked, “Did you and Colby hook up?” during a Q&A on Instagram Stories, April replied: “NEVER!”

Who does shanique end up with?

After taking a six month-long break from their relationship, Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin explained in the reunion that they’re now back together, though they’re in no rush to marry.

Are Randall the ultimatum?

Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin were one of six couples who put their relationship on the line as part of Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, but ultimately, when all was said and done, they neither married nor moved on.

Who is shanique with?

However, contestants Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin managed to come out of the eight-week experiment unscathed! That’s right, Shanique and Randall are still together today. Speaking exclusively with In Touch in a video interview, the couple details their relationship post-show.

What does April Marie do for a living?

April works as a model who loves the “networking part” of her job. She told The Inscriber Magazine, “You meet a lot of amazing models who all share this common hobby, career, and/or interest with you.

Is April on ultimatum pregnant?

April learned that she wasn’t pregnant and Jake appeared to be relieved, a reaction that gave April mixed feelings. Generally on reality TV shows like The Bachelor, producers encourage the couples to use protection to avoid a situation where someone gets pregnant.