What do you do with the lion in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?

For his last mission, he wants you to bring a lion to his jazz concert (no, really). Head to the Circus in Central Park to grab the lion there, then head back. Ride it back to Marvel H.Q., then leap up the platforms on the neighboring building to reach the roof. Park it up there to finish the mission and unlock Drax.

How do you get into the circus in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?

Stunt Show Surprise is unlocked after collecting at least 100 Gold Bricks in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Fly over to the circus tent in Central Park and build the golden door to gain entry to this side mission.

How do you get the gold brick in Central Park LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?

Look for the giant sandbox near the road that bisects the park. Destroy all the sandcastles and rebuild their bricks into an even better sandcastle. Once it’s complete, you’ll earn a Gold Brick.

Where is Stan Lee in circus tent Lego Marvel?

Central Park
Stan Lee in Peril #22: High above the circus tent in Central Park, Stan is floating away holding a balloon. Shoot it down to save him.

How do you save Stan Lee under a rock?

Stan is trapped under a boulder on a hill north of the Avengers Facility in Washington Heights. Destroy the blue car at the base of the hill and build a Speed Boost Pad out of its bricks. Use the pad to bust up the majority of the boulder then use Scarlet Witch’s power to lift the rest of the pieces off poor Stan Lee.

Which characters can break gold in LEGO Marvel?


Character Abilities
Colossus Super Strength[source?]
Cyclops Laser vision Destroy Gold Bricks
Cyclops (Astonishing) Laser Vision Destroy Gold Bricks
Damage Control

How do you save Stan Lee from the pond?

Stan is stuck at the top of a chimney in the Industrial Disctrict. Break the giant cracked wall near the bottom of the chimney to save him. Stan is stuck in the pond in Central Park. Use magnetism on the life preserver to save him.