How much does a 50 ft truss cost?

Average Roof Truss Price by Size and Pitch

Span (feet) Common Price Range*
36 $120–$140
40 $135–$155
48 $210–$230
50 $245–$265

Can you use metal trusses on a house?

All material designed for use in standard residential construction will work with your Miracle Truss® steel and metal home, with no need for redesign or retrofitting.

How much does a 60 foot truss cost?

Roof truss prices fall anywhere between $1.50 to $4.50 per square foot for materials, but the total price of the roof truss depends on the building area, the pitch of the roof, and the type of truss. For a 10-foot-span, a truss roof costs between $30 to $50, while a 60-foot-span costs between $300 to $320.

Is steel trusses better than wood?

Wooden trusses simply do not last as long as steel trusses. Because wooden trusses are made from timber they are susceptible to fire, mold, insect infestation, moisture damage, and rot. Wooden trusses are also far more likely to be damaged in severe weather.

Where to buy the best steel trusses?

Buy direct from the manufacturer. We are a steel truss manufacturing company that strives to produce the best steel trusses in the industry. Using only certified welders, we weld (not burn) our trusses with american steel angle iron.

Why choose USU s steel truss?

U S Steel truss is a division Fall River Holdings, LLC, created to support the contractors and private labelers that require trusses for numerous applications. Our Truss plant open in 1983 and is currently one of the largest supplier of open web trusses in the industry.

What are the different types of trusses?

Gable style trusses are available up to 50-60′ wide by special order, depending on style. For a full building quote including posts, purlins, sheeting and accessories, try our building quote form. Steel Trusses come in three types: gable, lean-to, and header.

What size trusses are in stock?

Gable trusses are in stocked in a 4:12 slope x 20′, 24′, 30′, and 40′ width and special order up to 100′ wide. Lean-To trusses are stocked in a 1:12 slope x 12′ and 20′ width and special order up to 30′ wide. Header trusses are special order up to 24′ wide.