How do you use the phrase for the time being?

Examples of ‘for the time being’ in a sentence for the time being

  1. What was more, the snow had stopped, for the time being anyhow.
  2. I think it’s best that they don’t know, at least not for the time being.
  3. We’ll have to keep the original as evidence for the time being.

Does for the time being mean forever?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfor the time beingfor the time beingfor a short period of time from now, but not permanently Now, for the time being, she is living with her father in Tijuana.

Is by the time a time expression?

A question about time expressions with the past perfect tense: I realise “by the time” is a time expression used with the past perfect but in this sentence: “By the time he arrived at school, the lesson had finished” , why is “by the time” next to the verb in the past tense (arrived) as if it is refering to that verb …

What does for the time being in force mean?

What Is Time In Force? Time in force is a special instruction used when placing a trade to indicate how long an order will remain active before it is executed or expires.

Can I start sentence with for the time being?

1. We shall put it aside for the time being. 2. We could undertake the work for the time being.

What does in the interim mean?

or during the same time
Definition of in the interim : at or during the same time : meanwhile The regulations are scheduled to go into effect next winter, and in the interim, we’ll be working hard to make all of the appropriate changes.

Is it thanks for being or been?

“Thanks for being a good brother” is correct. We would never say, “Thanks for been a good brother.” Being and been are both forms of the verb “to be”. Being is the progressive form of the verb “to be.”

What are time expressions in English?

Expressions of Time

Past Present Future
a little while ago at this moment in the near future
a long time ago these days way off in the future
in the past nowadays eventually
this morning at this time later this evening

What is the meaning of expression in the force of?

phrase. A law, rule, or system that is in force exists or is being used. Although the new tax is already in force, you have until November to lodge an appeal. Synonyms: valid, working, current, effective More Synonyms of in force.

What does in the interest of time mean?

In order to save time
In-the-interest-of-time definition In order to save time ; in order to use time more efficiently ; so that time can be used more efficiently.

What is the idiosyncrasies mean?

Definition of idiosyncrasy 1a : a peculiarity of constitution or temperament : an individualizing characteristic or quality. b : individual hypersensitiveness (as to a drug or food) 2 : characteristic peculiarity (as of temperament) broadly : eccentricity.

What is the difference between BE been and being?

Key Differences Between Been and Being Been is a form of ‘be’, which is a past participle one. On the other hand, being is also a type of ‘be’, but present participle one. Been is used as a helping verb in sentences to form sentences in the perfect tense.

When we use being and been?

As a rule the word ‘been’ is always used after ‘have’ whereas ‘being’ is never used after ‘have’. It is used after ‘be’. I have been busy. NOT I have being busy.

What does for the time being mean?

At the present moment; for now. For the time being, our plans remain unchanged until something convinces us otherwise. Let’s just stay focused on this for the time being. We can address other issues later in the meeting. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved. for the present; until some other arrangement is made.

What is the meaning of passage of time?

1 : the thing that is measured as seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, etc. The time passed slowly/quickly. The two events were separated by time and space. See More Examples The poem is a reflection on the passage/passing of time.

What is the opposite of for the time being?

Antonyms for for the time being. before, formerly, long, once, then. See the Dictionary Definition. Keep scrolling for more. Comments on for the time being.