What happened to Ronald Sanford?

Ronald L Sanford was convicted of double homicide the tender age of 13. He was sentenced to 170 years in prison for a crime committed by a child who had poor guidance for the first 13 years of his life.

Is Ronald L Sanford still in jail?

Ronald L Sanford has been imprisoned for nearly 3 decades for a crime he committed at the age of 13. He was sentenced at 15 to 170 years in prison, so he is eligible for parole at age 100.

Is Ronald Sanford on death row?

Sanford is now on death row awaiting decision for a crime committed so young. Watching Sanford do multiple interviews is heartbreaking and shows his remorse in acts.

What prison is Ronald Sanford in?

Indiana State Prison

DOC Number 875353
Gender Male
Race Black
Facility/Location Indiana State Prison

What county is Michigan City prison in?

Nationwide Inmate Records Online Check Indiana State Prison is nestled in Michigan City, Indiana, part of Laporte County. Indiana State Prison was once called the Michigan City State Prison until 1988. The office is contained three units, the Homestead, the Medium office, and Ancora.

Does Indiana still use the electric chair?

On December 8, 1994, Gregory Resnover was put to death in the electric chair. This was the first electrocution since 1985. He was the last offender to be executed in the electric chair at the state prison. The last person executed before the moratorium on the death penalty in 1972 was Richard Kiefer, Allen County.

What was the last execution in Indiana?

On December 11, 2009, Offender Matthew Eric Wrinkles was the last offender to be executed. Current execution procedure is found in Indiana Code 35-38-6 and requires that the lethal injection execution take place inside the walls of the Indiana State Prison at Michigan City before sunrise.

When was the last hanging in Indiana?

George Barrett was by no means a saint and his execution on March 24, 1936, ended a long career dotted with infractions of the law.

Is Indiana State Prison a maximum security prison?

The Indiana State Prison is a maximum security Indiana Department of Corrections prison for adult males; however, minimum security housing also exists on the confines. It is located in Michigan City, Indiana, about 50 miles (80 km) east of Chicago.

What level is Indiana State Prison?

Indiana employs a ratings system of 1 to 4 to signify the security level of a prison. 1 is the lowest level of security for a minimum security prison, while 4 is the highest level of security for a maximum security prison. The maximum security adult facilities are: Indiana State Prison.

What is a Level 4 Correctional Facility in Indiana?

Finally, Maximum Security facilities (Level 4) maintain the highest security standards, and contain exclusively cells for living quarters. There are six Minimum Security facilities in Indiana, nine Medium Security facilities, and four Maximum Security facilities.

What are the minimum security prisons in Indiana?

Indiana has four minimum security prisons, Madison Correctional Facility, South Bend Community Re-Entry Center, Chain O’Lakes Correctional Facility, and Edinburgh Correctional Facility. These facilities mainly house non-violent offenders, such as people with low-level drug offenses or white-collar crimes.

What is the maximum sentence range for murder in Indiana?

Indiana Sentencing Chart Level Sentence Range (Min. – Max.) Advisory Sentence Murder 45 – 65 years* 55 years Level 1 20–40 years 30 years Level 2 10–30 years 17.5 years Level 3 3–16 years 9 years

What is the oldest prison in Indiana?

Both prisons in Michigan City and Jeffersonville were named the Indiana State Prison, one designated Prison North and the other Prison South. In 1922, Prison South was destroyed by a fire and the designation was no longer necessary, and this prison became the oldest facility in the system.

What are the different levels of felonies in Indiana?

Before these changes, Indiana utilized an A–D classification system for felonies. The new system involves six classes of felonies, Level 1 being the most severe and Level 6 being the least. The Code specifies a range of fines and sentences for each level of offense.