What episode is Dr Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan?

JRE #1054. Dr. Rhonda Patrick makes her seventh appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. A few of the topics and studies mentioned in this episode include…

How much vitamin D does Rhonda Patrick take?

Supplementing with 4,000 IU of vitamin D per day for 16 weeks reversed epigenetic aging by 1.85 years in overweight and obese African Americans that were low in vitamin D (randomized-placebo controlled trial).

What Joe Rogan podcast should I listen to?

JRE # 1315- Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell Some of the best Joe Rogan Experience episodes are the ones that dive into Rogan’s specific interests and fascinations. Given his well-known curiosity in extraterrestrial activities, Rogan’s duel interview with Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell is a must listen.

Is Joe Rogan a keto?

Joe Rogan is known for being a strong proponent of the ketogenic diet, so it’s not at all surprising that he gets guests on his show to talk all about it.

How much vitamin D3 does Joe Rogan take?

Joe Rogan supplements with Solgar Vitamin D3 5000IU softgels (source). In JRE #1474 (May 2020), Rogan confirmed that he still takes 5000IU of Vitamin D per day. Dr.

Where did Rhonda Patrick get her PHD from?

the University of Tennessee
Rhonda earned her Ph. D. in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee and performed her graduate research work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

What fish oil does Rhonda Patrick take?

Rhonda currently takes an omega-3 supplement called Norwegian PURE-3, which is touted as a high quality fish oil with low levels of oxidation.

How much zinc does Rhonda Patrick take?

The full list of Rhonda’s early 2020 supplements for immune support, with Covid in mind: Vitamin C – 1-2 grams, 4x per day. Quercetin– 250 mg/daily. Zinc – 15mg/daily (on top of the 25mg in her multivitamin)

How often Joe Rogan fast?

Intermittent fasting It’s no secret the man is a fan of hunting down his own grub, being a major advocate of killing wild game. As for the intermittent fasting side of things, Rogan personally opts for a 16-hour fast that begins in the evening and extends all the way into the late morning – meaning he skips breakfast.

What does Joe Rogan take to prevent Covid?

Joe Rogan has told his Instagram followers he has been taking ivermectin, a deworming veterinary drug formulated for use in cows and horses, to help fight the coronavirus.

Is Rhonda Patrick a scientist?

Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph. D. is an assistant scientist at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute working with Dr. Bruce Ames. She investigates the effects of micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) deficiencies on metabolism, inflammation, DNA damage, and aging in people.