Who did the soundtrack for Lost Highway?

Angelo BadalamentiOlga Neuwirth
Lost Highway/Music composed by

What movie is the song Smashing Pumpkins in?

1979Tonight, TonightBullet with Butterfly WingsDisarmCherub RockToday
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Is Trent Reznor in Lost Highway?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Lost Highway is the soundtrack album for the 1997 David Lynch film of the same name….Lost Highway (soundtrack)

Lost Highway Soundtrack
Label Nothing Interscope
Producer Trent Reznor
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What songs are on Bon Jovi Lost Highway album?

Lost HighwaySummertime(You Want To) Make a MemoryWhole Lot of LeavingWe Got It Going OnAny Other Day
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What happens in Lost Highway?

Lost Highway is the complex and elliptical story of a bad man who thinks he’s the good guy, and the way in which he will move heaven and Earth, rewrite history and his own identity, to make the world reflect his views. It’s a powerful story, rendered hauntingly by one of America’s preeminent visual storytellers.

What movies is the song 1979 in?

The song is used in Clerks II and during the credits of Gran Turismo 5.

What movie was the song today?

Advance to the Rear
“Today” is a 1964 folk song that was a hit for The New Christy Minstrels. Written by the group’s founder, Randy Sparks, it was introduced in the American comedy-Western film Advance to the Rear (1964) and released on the album titled Today.

How old is Bon Jovi?

60 years (March 2, 1962)Jon Bon Jovi / Age

When did Bon Jovi do Lost Highway?

Lost Highway is the tenth studio album by American rock band Bon Jovi, released on June 19, 2007, in the US through Island Records. Produced by John Shanks and Dann Huff, the album was recorded at Black Bird Studios, Nashville and NGR Recording, Hollywood.

Is Lost Highway connected to Twin Peaks?

Lost Highway was directed by David Lynch as his first feature film since Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992), a prequel to his television series Twin Peaks (1990-1991). He came across the phrase “lost highway” in the book Night People (1992) by Barry Gifford.

Was Lost Highway a flop?

Lost Highway, for many the real David Lynch’s masterpiece, was released on February 21st, 1997. The film arrived five years after Fire Walk with Me, which was a way to continue the success of Twin Peaks, but actually ended up as a flop at the box office.

What was Smashing Pumpkins number one song?

# 1 – Bullet with Butterfly Wings At the number one spot on our top 10 Smashing Pumpkins songs list, we have the lead single to be taken from the album Melin Collie and the Infinite Sadness. It was the band’s first song to reach the top forty, reaching number twenty-two on the Billboard 200.

What movie is the song today in?

How do I find a song from a movie?

Shazam. Shazam has been a must-have app for music lovers for a number of years. The app allows users to discover new music literally wherever they go. Whenever you hear an unknown song – whether it’s on the radio, playing in a bar, or featured on a TV show or movie – Shazam can quickly and easily identify it.

What is the most recognizable movie theme song?

The 8 most iconic movie theme songs of all time

  • My Heart Will Go On, Titanic, 1997.
  • Theme song from Mission: Impossible, 1996.
  • (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life, Dirty Dancing, 1987.
  • He’s a Pirate, Pirates of the Caribbean, 2003.
  • Main Title, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, 1977.
  • Theme song from Jaws, 1975.

Is Jon Bon Jovi a billionaire?

Jon Bon Jovi’s net worth is $410 million Jon Bon Jovi made most of his fortune by being the frontman for Bon Jovi, one of the bestselling rock groups of all time.

What songs are on Bon Jovi’s album Lost Highway?

Is Eraserhead related to Twin Peaks?

Eraserhead follows Henry Spencer (Jack Nance, who would later star in Twin Peaks), a new father who is left to care for his deformed baby in an industrial wasteland. Wrapped in bandages, the baby won’t eat and cries incessantly.

Are David Lynch’s movies connected?

These works, from 1977’s Eraserhead to this year’s Twin Peaks revival on Showtime, may seem like disorientating, if not incomprehensible, but actually… all of David Lynch’s major works are all connected and weave a single narrative.