What are the names of groups of elements?

On the periodic table, there are families which are groups of elements with similar properties. These families are alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, transition metals, post-transition metals, metalloids, halogens, noble metals, and noble gases.

What are the 9 element groups?

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  • Alkali metals.
  • Alkaline earth metals.
  • Transition metals.
  • Icosagens.
  • Crystallogens.
  • Pnictogens.
  • Chalcogens.
  • Halogens.

What are the 7 groups in the periodic table?

What are the 7 groups in the periodic table

  • The Alkali Metals.
  • The Alkaline Earth Metals.
  • The Transition Metals.
  • The Metalloids.
  • Other Metals.
  • The Non-metals.
  • The Halogens.
  • The Noble Gases.

What are Group 10 elements called?

d-block transition metals
These Group 10 elements are numbered by the current IUPAC style and are called the group of chemical elements. All these elements are d-block transition metals.

Are there 18 groups?

In chemistry, a group (also known as a family) is a column of elements in the periodic table of the chemical elements. There are 18 numbered groups in the periodic table; the f-block columns (between groups 2 and 3) are not numbered.

What are Group 11 elements called?

the coinage metals
Group 11 is also known as the coinage metals, due to their usage in minting coins – while the rise in metal prices mean that silver and gold are no longer used for circulating currency, remaining in use for bullion, copper remains a common metal in coins to date, either in the form of copper clad coinage or as part of …

What are the 18 groups of the periodic table?

Groups are numbered 1–18 from left to right. The elements in group 1 are known as the alkali metals; those in group 2 are the alkaline earth metals; those in 15 are the pnictogens; those in 16 are the chalcogens; those in 17 are the halogens; and those in 18 are the noble gases.

What name is given for elements in groups 1/2/13 18 groups 3/12 2 rows of elements at the bottom of the periodic table?

inner transition metals
Group 18 elements are called noble gases. Groups 1, 2, and 13-18 are the representative elements (or main-group elements). Groups 3-12 are called the transition metals. The two rows at the bottom of the table are called inner transition metals.

What are the different groups of elements?

You’ll find more specific groups, like transition metals, rare earths, alkali metals, alkaline earth, halogens, and noble gasses. Click on an element to read about the chemical and physical properties of the group to which that element belongs. The lanthanides (rare earth) and actinides are also transition metals.

What are the IUPAC group names for elements?

Group names IUPAC group 1 a 2 n/a 18 Mendeleev (I–VIII) I A II A b CAS (US, A-B-A) IA IIA VIIIA old IUPAC (Europe, A-B) IA IIA 0 Trivial name H and Alkali metals r Alkaline earth metals r Noble gases r

What are the elements in Group 17 called?

These include carbon (C), nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), oxygen (O), sulfur (S) and selenium (Se). Halogens: The top four elements of Group 17, from fluorine (F) through astatine (At), represent one of two subsets of the nonmetals.

See About the Periodic Table for information on how Group can be used to characterize an element. Group 1: alkali metals, or lithium family Group 2: alkaline earth metals, or beryllium family Group 3: the scandium family Group 4: the titanium family Group 5: the vanadium family Group 6: the chromium family Group 7: the manganese family