Who wrote the Mary Hopkins song Those Were The Days?

Boris FominAn Jenam Tag (Bonus Track) / ComposerBoris Ivanovich Fomin was a Soviet musician and composer who specialized in the Russian romance.
Several of Fomin’s songs became popular in 1920s, most notably “Dorogoj dlinnoju”, commonly known for Wikipedia

Who has sung those were the days?

Mary HopkinAn Jenam Tag (Bonus Track) / ArtistMary Hopkin, credited on some recordings as Mary Visconti from her marriage to Tony Visconti, is a Welsh singer-songwriter best known for her 1968 UK number 1 single “Those Were the Days”. She was one of the first artists to be signed to the Beatles’ Apple label. Wikipedia

Did paul McCartney write those were the days?

Mary Hopkin’s 1968 debut single of “Those Were the Days”, which was produced by Paul McCartney of the Beatles, became a number one hit on the UK Singles Chart and on the Canadian RPM Magazine charts.

Who wrote those were the days all in the family?

Lee AdamsThose Were the Days / Lyricist

What year did those were the days come out?

1969An Jenam Tag (Bonus Track) / Released

Was Those were the days a Eurovision song?

Those were the days when 19-year-old Mary Hopkin from Pontardawe, in the Swansea Valley, performed Knock, Knock Who’s There? She nearly won the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest with 26 points. All Kinds Of Everything by Ireland’s Dana won with 32 points.

Did Paul McCartney write those were the days?

Did Mary Hopkins sing in the Eurovision?

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Is Mary Hopkins married now?

Tony ViscontiMary Hopkin / Spouse (m. 1971–1981)

Was Those Were the Days a Eurovision song?