How much does an expensive wedding dress cost?

The average wedding dress cost is usually between $2,000 and $4,000 for luxury brands, although the most extravagant gowns can exceed $10,000 (Oscar De La Renta gowns cost $14,000 on average).

Is Reem Acra Lebanese?

Reem Acra (Arabic: ريم عكرا) is a fashion designer born in Beirut, Lebanon, known for her eponymous bridal gown line and her ready-to-wear collection.

Is Reem Acra married?

Reem Acra, the Lebanese designer well-known for creating wedding gowns for women of celebrity and civilian status alike, was wed to plastic surgeon Nicolas Tabbal on Dec. 14 in a civil ceremony at city hall in New York.

What inspired Elie Saab?

Saab’s inspiration is simple: women. “I believe that every woman has her own character and that should be highlighted in the dress she wears. I never look at what a woman is wearing in general; I always look at her as a whole. She either stands out or doesn’t, depending on her character and what she wears.

How much do Elie Saab dresses cost?

The starting price of an Elie Saab gown is around a whopping 20 lakhs. If the price of the gown’s minimum value does not stun you, wait till you hear how much it weighs.

What are Reem Acra wedding dresses?

Reem Acra wedding dresses are the creation of Lebanese fashion designer Reem Acra, who began her career as an embroidery artist. Today, her use of embroidery and meticulous construction have become signatures in her collection of elegant wedding gowns created for the glamorous, sophisticated bride.

Where can I buy Reem Acra in the US?

Kleinfeld has the largest selection of Reem Acra dresses in the country. *Please call or email to confirm availability of a specific style for your appointment.

What is Reem Al-Reem’s style?

Reem has described her style as: “multi-cultural European mixed with a New York modern approach…very couture.” Known worldwide for her attention to detail, Reem expertly uses elaborate embroideries in some of her most popular gowns.