How much do Giant Schnauzers usually cost?

$1,200 – $3,500 The price of the Giant Schnauzer puppy will range between $1,200 to $3,500, depending on several factors: Lineage of parents and reputation of the breeder.

What is the largest breed of schnauzer?

Giant Schnauzers
Giant Schnauzers are imposing dogs. They stand up to 27.5 inches at the shoulder and can weigh up to 95 pounds. Giant Schnauzers share some physical characteristics with their smaller cousins, the Miniature and Standard Schnauzers, like the harsh eyebrows and beard, as well as a keen, intelligent expression.

Do Giant Schnauzers shed a lot?

Giant Schnauzers don’t shed a great deal – though they are not hypoallergenic. The trade-off to less shedding is a commitment to coat care. Giant Schnauzers require clipping and trimming every few months.

Is a Giant Schnauzer a good dog?

The Giant Schnauzer is good-natured but can be quite dominant. Typically friendly toward other dogs, Giant Schnauzers love to be around their families and children, making them ideal family pets. Giant Schnauzers are very loyal, devoted, and protective of their people—good traits for a guard dog.

Are white Schnauzers purebred?

However, continuing the controversy, Canada, USA, UK, and South Africa recognize the White Miniature Schnauzer as purebred but reject its entry into conformation competitions. Here at Fernweh Schnauzers, we appreciate the rich history the White Miniature Schnauzer adds to the Miniature Schnauzer’s breed story.

Why are Giant Schnauzers good guard dogs?

– Providing enough exercise and mental stimulation. Giant Schnauzers look athletic for a reason! – Providing enough socialization. Most Giant Schnauzers have protective instincts toward strangers. – Potential animal aggression. Many Giant Schnauzers are dominant or aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex. – The strong temperament. – Lots of grooming.

What colors do Giant Schnauzers come in?

They have a dense coarse coat that protects them from the weather and from vermin. Giant Schnauzers come in two color patterns: Solid black, and a color known as pepper and salt, with banded hairs of alternating white and black, appearing gray at a distance.

What is the standard size for a schnauzer?

Schnauzer means “whiskered snout”!

  • Despite being closely related,the Standard Schnauzer is classified in the Working Group by the AKC,whilst the Miniature Schnauzer is included in the Terrier Group.
  • That makes the Miniature Schnauzer the only member of the Terrier Group which isn’t descended from English breeds.
  • Do Giant Schnauzers shed much?

    Giant schnauzers shed much from their undercoat than miniature and standard schnauzers. It all comes down to the surface area. In fact, all schnauzers tend to shed an equal amount, but as the giant schnauzers have a bigger size, naturally you will find more dead hair on the floor. Overall, the schnauzer is a low-shedding breed.