What is the biggest 9th inning comeback?

The Mets staged a most remarkable comeback Thursday night, erasing a six-run deficit in the ninth inning to beat the flabbergasted Philadlephia Phillies 8-7.

What is the biggest comeback in a World Series game?

The 1968 World Series between the Tigers and Cardinals is the greatest series comeback in World Series history. St. Louis had a 3-1 series lead on the Tigers, having dominated Games 3 and 4 by a margin of 17-4.

What is the largest comeback in MLB?

T-1. 3 Runs

  • Oct. 15, 1986 (NLCS Game 6): New York Mets at Houston Astros, Trailed 3-0 (Top 9), Won 7-6 (16)
  • Oct. 12, 1986 (ALCS Game 5): Boston Red Sox at California Angels, Trailed 5-2 (Top 9), Won 7-6 (11)
  • Oct. 11, 1986 (ALCS Game 4): California Angels vs. Boston Red Sox, Trailed 3-0 (Bottom 9), Won 4-3 (11)

What is the greatest comeback in sports?

Greatest comebacks in sports history

  • Relentless Reggie.
  • ‘The Comeback’
  • Red Sox overcome.
  • M.V.
  • Man.
  • Corrales stuns Castillo.
  • Spurs race to beat the clock.
  • Manchester United pulls through. As Bayern Munich led for the first 85 minutes of the 1999 European Cup, Manchester United’s efforts looked defeated.

What is the biggest lead ever blown in MLB?

12 runs
Just when the Angels could realistically think about the largest comeback in major league history — the biggest lead ever blown is 12 runs — the Dodgers’ bullpen retired their final seven batters. Victor Gonzalez pitched a 1-2-3 eighth, and Blake Treinen threw a perfect ninth for his first save.

What is the most runs scored with 2 outs?

The record is 13: The Cleveland Indians scored 13 runs after there were 2 outs in the 6th inning of a game against the Boston Red Sox on July 7, 1923 (1st game of a doubleheader). Indians won 27-3.

What is the biggest come back in baseball history?

Regular Season Comeback Wins

Rk Date Score
1 1952-06-29 2-8
2 1990-08-21 1-11
3 1961-06-18 5-12
4 2001-07-28 2-8

What are some of MLB’s biggest comebacks?

Here is a look back at some of MLB’s biggest comeback victories. Back in 2016, the Mariners treated their fans to a rare sort of rally. On June 2 at San Diego, the Mariners fell into a 12-2 hole after five innings, the sort of deficit that usually leads to a position player on the mound for mop-up duty by the ninth.

Does baseball have a time limit for comebacks?

Unlike other sports, baseball does not have a time limit, making big single-game comebacks rather unusual. Instead of a last-second touchdown, basket, or goal, baseball has memorable rallies. It means a team going on a roll and getting a number of hits in a row, and a bunch of needed runs in an inning or over several innings.

What does “comeback” mean to you?

A definition of “comeback” is “to regain a former or normal state.” This applies often to players recovering from an injury then returning to the ball field. Over several years, Rick Ankiel did just that ~ and then some!

Are the Mariners on the wrong side of an amazing comeback?

The game also stirred memories of a time when the Mariners found themselves on the wrong side of an amazing comeback. On Aug. 5, 2001, with Seattle in the midst of a 116-win season, it scored eight runs in the third inning at Cleveland to jump ahead, 12-0.