Who qualifies for Kansas Medicaid?

a child under the age of 19. a pregnant person. an adult with children or a caregiver. elderly or disabled.

What is the income limit for Medicaid in Kansas?

This program allows persons to become income-eligible for Medicaid services by spending the majority of their income on medical bills. In 2022, the medically needy income limit, called the protected income level in KS, is $475 / month for an individual, as well as a couple.

Is KanCare Kansas Medicaid?

The State of Kansas uses the KanCare program to provide Medicaid. KanCare started January 2013 and provides services to more than 360,000 individuals across the state. Kansas contracts with three health plans, or managed care organizations (MCOs), to manage health care for nearly all Medicaid recipients.

Can adults get Medicaid in Kansas?

KanCare is available to adult, non-disabled, non-elderly parents or caregivers of children younger than 19. Benefits and coverage are the same as those for children in KanCare. Enrollment for adults is limited to those who meet Medicaid eligibility guidelines.

Do they have Medicaid in Kansas?

Kansas Medicaid, also referred to as the Kansas Medical Assistance Program (KMAP), is a jointly-funded state and Federal government program that pays for medically necessary services.

What does the Leavenworth County Health Department do?

The goal of the Health Department is to provide services necessary to give Leavenworth County residents the opportunity to enjoy good health in a healthy environment. The professional staff includes a medical director, program aides, nurses, a licensed social worker, a registered dietitian and a registered medical technologist.

How to apply for Medicaid in Kansas?

How to Apply for Medicaid in Kansas 1 Apply for Kansas Medicaid/KanCare: 2 If the State of Kansas Medicaid program determines you are eligible for KanCare, you can choose your health plan. 3 Choose a Kansas Medicaid plan provider. 4 Receive a welcome packet from your plan. 5 Enjoy your new Kansas Medicaid benefits!

How do I enroll in Sunflower Medicaid in Kansas?

Enrolling and Choosing Sunflower Health Plan is Easy Apply for Medicaid/KanCare at: KanCare website. Call 1-800-792-4884 (TTY: 800-766-3777) If the State of Kansas Medicaid program determines you are eligible for KanCare, you can choose your health plan. Choose a plan.

How do I apply for mental health benefits in Kansas?

Click the links to learn more. In addition to the Online Application, you may complete an online self-assessment that can tell you which services you and members of your family may qualify for. Other benefits and services related to mental illness and substance abuse are available through the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.