What svn revert will do?

svn revert will revert not only the contents of an item in your working copy, but also any property changes. Finally, you can use it to undo any scheduling operations that you may have performed (e.g., files scheduled for addition or deletion can be “unscheduled”).

How do svn revisions differ?

Display the differences between two paths. The ways you can use svn diff are: Use just svn diff’to display local modifications in a working copy. Display the changes made to TARGET s as they are seen in REV between two revisions.

How do I transfer data from one svn repository to another?

You can only copy files within a single repository. Subversion does not support cross-repository copying.

  1. check out from repo 1, copy the working files/folders and add them and check them into repo 2 (like any other content), or.
  2. dump the files/folders with history and load them into another repository.

How do I revert to a previous SVN revision?

Right click on the folder which is under SVN control, go to TortoiseSVN → Show log. Write down the revision you want to revert to and then go to TortoiseSVN → Update to revision…. Show activity on this post.

What happens to rolled back revisions in TortoiseSVN?

Use svndumpfilter Since TortoiseSVN never loses data, your “rolled back”revisions still exist as intermediate revisions in the repository. Only the HEAD revision was changed to a previous state.

How do I roll back revisions in the repository?

Roll back (Undo) revisions in the repository Use the revision log dialog By far the easiest way to revert the changes from one or more revisions, is to use the revision log dialog. Select the file or folder in which you need to revert the changes.

How do I remove data from a Subversion repository?

The only way to remove data from the repository is to use the Subversion command line tool svnadmin. You can find a description of how this works in the Repository Maintenance. Prev  Up  Next Update selected files from the repository