Who used Juno 106?

Artists who have used the Juno-106 include Jacob Mann, Vince Clarke, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Chvrches, Leftfield, William Orbit, Tangerine Dream, Underworld, Reel 2 Real, Jam & Spoon, and Vangelis. The Juno-106 was Roland’s bestselling synthesizer until the release of the Roland D-50 later in the decade.

Is the Juno 60 better than the Juno 106?

106 is much mellower/warmer/deeper and 60 is more punchy/agressive. Hard to describe, you should demo both and decide which one do you prefer. I had both and I prefer 106 because it is so great for pads and bass. Highly usable synth.

What is the Juno 60 known for?

The Roland JUNO-60 helped define the sound of the ’80s and is highly prized for its vintage vibe and unmistakable character. Simply put, it’s the sound you hear in your head when you think of fat, punchy analog synthesizers.

Is Juno-106 FM synth?

The Juno-106 is a six-voice polyphonic and programable analog synth with one digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) per voice.

How much does Roland ZENOLOGY cost?

Compare to Similar Best Sellers

This item: Roland Zenology Pro $ 229 .00 2 reviews Arturia Pigments 3.5 Software Synthesizer $ 199 .00 6 reviews
Software Type Synthesizers Virtual Synthesis Modeling
Platform Mac, PC Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full Full
Download/Boxed Download Download


The Zenology FX plugin can be tried for free by anyone with a Roland account – this ‘test drive’ period runs until 31 December 2021. After that it’ll be included in all Roland Cloud membership levels starting from the Core tier, which costs $2.99 a month.

Does the Juno-60 have a sequencer?

The Juno-6 and 60 are very rich sounding synthesizers and are great analog machines as long as you can withstand the absence of MIDI control. The JSQ-60 sequencer is an external sequencer controller for the Juno-60 and is usually worth acquiring.

Which Daw does Kevin Parker use?

Ableton Live
Kevin Parker originally started it as a side thing, just recording stuff at home. Even now with their growing popularity, he still records, mixes, and masters everything at home. Somewhat unconventionally, Parker uses Ableton Live as his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of choice.

Does Juno-106 have MIDI?

The Juno-106 was the first MIDI equipped Juno and its implementation is quite good. There are 16 MIDI channels available and MIDI SysEx data can be transmitted/received from all the sliders and buttons for total remote control and sequencing capability.

Is Roland Zenology free?

Try ZENOLOGY for free as part of any Roland Cloud 30-day trial membership—and keep it for less than a few bucks a month. And even if you don’t keep a paid membership, you can continue to use hundreds of incredible ZEN-Core sounds with ZENOLOGY Lite—completely free of charge.

Is Zenology a VST?

Zenology is available as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin for compatible digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

Does Roland still make Junos?

Prices are on the rise because they sound great. Too bad Roland discontinued the JU-06 it is a good sounding unit in a portable package. I use mine for live. I love the simplicity and sound of the old Junos and other analog synths of that era but maintaining a vintage unit is more time and expense than I can justify.