What is the best troops to use for town hall 8?

Advanced TH8 GoWiPe

Troop and Spell Type Quantity Cost
Archers 5 1,500
Wall Breakers 6 8,400
Wizards 17 44,200
P.E.K.K.As 2 36,000

Can a TH7 3 star a TH8?

Let’s also be clear: the question was whether or not a max TH7 can 3-star a max TH8 profitably. I would argue it is going to be difficult for a max TH7 to 3-star a max TH8 at all, let alone profitably. But it is definitely possible for a max TH7 to profitably attack, and win at least one star against, even a max TH8.

How many traps do you need for town hall level 8?

Traps become much more lethal at Town Hall Level 8, and with the amount of upgrades you unlock, it’s important to focus on this aspect if your defenses. First, place the 2 Spring Traps, 1 Giant Bomb, 2 Air Bombs, 1 Seeking Air Mine and the new Skeleton Traps that you’ve just unlocked.

What is the most efficient way to attack in Clan Wars?

The most efficient way to go about attacking in Clan Wars at TH8 in my opinion is to use a full army of Dragons. If you can get another Dragon in the Clan Castle, even better. The higher the level of your Dragons, the more effective your attack will be. It can be done with level 1 Dragons, but level 3 Dragons will increase your attacking options.

What are clan wars in Clash of clans?

In Clash of Clans, Clan Wars are perhaps the most demanding aspect of the game for players, as players are tasked with (hopefully) fully-clearing similarly-leveled enemy bases (and sometimes even higher-level bases).

What is govaho in Clash of clans?

GoVaHo can be used to get three stars easily in multiplayer and clan war attacks. Clash of Clans attack strategy that can be used against any Town Hall level after making small changes in the army. GoWipe makes use of a combination of Elixir and Dark Elixir, making it one of Clash of Clans ‘ most cost-effective attack techniques.