What is armor cap for druid TBC?

Druids can reach the highest levels of raw damage mitigation through armor. At 31,672 armor, a feral tank will reach the 75% cap for damage mitigation from armor against a level 70 mob. The cap against Raid Bosses (level 73) is 35,880 armor.

Are Druids good in BC?

Are Druids good in TBC? Druids are one of the top PvP healers in TBC, due to their powerful crowd control abilities and instant cast healing. Their PvE healing is also strong, and very Mana efficient. They are also excellent tanks, and can do good melee DPS with their tanking talents.

What Armour do Druids wear WoW?

leather armor
Druids wear leather armor and can wield staves, one-handed maces, two-handed maces, daggers, fist weapons, and polearms — but a druid’s particular abilities lend towards attacking targets using spells or (shapeshifted) claws, so except for those low levels where you might hit things when you run out of mana, your …

Can Druids use polearms in BC?

Druids cannot use polearms.

Is druid a good tank in TBC?

Strictly speaking, feral druids are the only truly hybrid spec in TBC, as they can perform two distinct roles (tanking and DPS) with the exact same talents without making any compromises to either role.

Is Feral good in BC?

Feral druids are in an excellent place for tanking in TBC, but as a DPS spec feral is unfortunately still quite lackluster.

Can druid wear mail armor?

It’s not possible. Druids wear leather. However, in bear form you get bonus armor, basically turning your leather into mail from lvl 10 on (180% armor increase) or plate armor in dire bear form at lvl 40 (370% armor increase).

What armor can druids wear classic?

Druids can wear either Cloth or Leather armour in Classic and, depending on your desired specialization and role, you will prioritise a different main stat.

Can druids dual wield daggers?

We’ve seen druid NPCs wield dual daggers since Vanilla! Feral had 2 daggers as our freaking artifact! Guardian dual wielded fist weapons! And currently, very few specs even USE daggers or fist weapons when they drop.

How much defense does a feral druid tank need TBC?

That means you need a total of 490 defense to do your job as a main tank. This is where the magic number of 490 for Warriors and Paladins comes from. For Druids, the magic number is 415. This is because Feral Druids have a talent that reduces the chances of being critically hit by 3%.

Is worgen druid good?

Concerning in-game matters, worgen are by far the best-rendered models among all four druidic races in Cataclysm, with the most fluid and interesting animations. To be frank, they make night elves, tauren, and trolls all look terrible by comparison.

How do you get heavy armor proficiency as a druid?

While Druids don’t get heavy armor proficiency, you might take a multiclass or a feat (Heavy Armor Training) to gain access to heavy armor. These are all customarily metal armors, which means we’re going to need to do some homebrew for heavy armor druids.

What are the different types of armor for Druids?

Non-Metal Armors. 1 Light Armor. There’s not much concern that the druid is going to be prevented from using light armor. Padded. This armor is made from cloth, which is 2 Medium Armor. 3 Heavy Armor.

What druid forms can I get in TBC classic?

What Druid forms can I get in TBC Classic? You will be able to get the new Flight and Swift Flight forms, which allow for instant cast flying in TBC, the new Tree form for healing, and still have the existing Bear, Dire Bear, Cat, Aquatic, and Moonkin forms. 5. Can Druids tank and DPS in the same fight in TBC?

Are Restoration druids good in TBC arenas?

As most of these heals are instant-cast and act over a long period, Restoration Druids are excellent at stabilizing targets and healing proactively, making them amazing in TBC Arenas. 9.