What does Gordon say at the end of the Dark Knight?

GORDON: …he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we’ll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero.

Does the Riddler say riddle me this in The Batman?

Notably, the Riddler never says “Riddle me this,” in the movie, and instead, it’s Keoghan’s new Joker who does. It’s a big change to both characters, but fits with how they’re portrayed in The Batman as well as laying the groundwork for more to come in potential sequels.

Why do we fall Dark Knight Rises quote?

“Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”, Thomas Wayne.

What does the Riddler say at the end of The Batman?

This stranger commiserates with the Riddler, and even offers up a puzzle of his own. “Riddle me this …,” the unseen man says, borrowing the Riddler’s own catchphrase. “The less of these you have, the more one is worth.” The answer, of course, is “a friend.” And the Riddler has just made one.

What disorder does The Riddler have in the Batman 2022?

Previously (Langley, 2022, p. 320), I’ve written about that character depiction: [Batman Forever’s Riddler] appears to have borderline personality disorder, an unstable, incomplete identity characterized by chaos in one’s thoughts, moods, actions, and self-concept…

What are some good riddles for the Dark Knight?

“Dark Knight, when you’ve failed your feline friend and are done mourning over her headless corpse, perhaps we’ll do this again with uh, Robin? Or maybe that prodigal son of yours over in Bludhaven?” “Riddle me this: can a MAZE still amaze if it doesn’t have walls?” “Halfway there! Now for a final twist!” “Congratulations!

Are there still riddles on Founders Island Dark Knight?

‘ ‘”There’s still riddles on Founders’ Island, Dark Knight! What are you- stupid? Oh yes, yes you are.”‘ ‘ “So you solved them all. Well well well. What a smart little detective you turned out to be.” “My one mistake has always been very slightly overestimating just how stupid you are.

What are some of the best Batman Riddle quotes?

“You think you’ve won, Batman! But every riddle whittles away at your pitful brain cell supply. I am puzzling you into oblivion! Here’s is your reward.” (Batman wins – #4)” “You cannot fight me, Batman, you are not worthy.” “No no no, Dark Knight, you haven’t earned the right to face me.” “Riddle me this?

What are some of the best Dark Knight quotes?

Dent is the source of some of the best Dark Knight quotes, including this which he gives in a speech to Gotham. Like Batman, Dent is a symbol of hope, of goodness in Gotham, and this is a quote that is not only well delivered but one that instills a lot of hope, a great message all around.