What kind of fabric is used for capes?

Summer weight cloaks and capes can be made from wide cotton, rayon, linen, or polyester-blend fabric. We’ve also used specialty fabrics such as water-resistant polyester micro-fiber, and wool/cotton/polyurethane or vinyl raincoat fabric.

How long should a superhero cape be?

First, decide how long the cape should be. Measure from the top of the shoulder to wherever you’d like the cape to fall. For JOSHMAN, this was around 50 inches.

How many yards of fabric do you need to make a cape?

1-2 yards
What You’ll Need. 1-2 yards of fabric (depending on how long you’d like it), any color of your choice. Bolts of the fabric have different widths, though, so the wider your bolt of fabric, the more flow the cape will have. I advise visiting Amazon.com, where they now cut and deliver fabric right to your door.

How do you make a superhero cape?

Instructions to Sew a Superhero Cape. Begin by cutting a cape front and back into a rectangle 24″ X 31.” Working with this rectangle folded along the long edge (12″ x 31″), measure up 6″ from the fold on one side. Draw a line from the 6″ mark to the opposite corner of the fabric (12″). Cut the fabric along this line.

How do you sew a Cape?

Now, with right sides of the cape together, sew around the whole thing, leaving an opening to turn it at the base of the neck. Turn it, push out all the edges and then press it flat. Top stitch around the whole thing making sure to sew that opening in the neck closed.

Is there an easy Cape tutorial for a boy?

Christy’s Customs created this easy cape tutorial for a little girl, but it can just as easily be used to make capes for boys too. This tutorial will show you an easy and cost-effective way to make a DIY superhero cape. It also comes with a printable template so you can get the sizing right.

What do you need to make a T-shirt Cape?

You can make a simplified version using an old t-shirt and some scissors, or you can follow the full t-shirt cape tutorial to see all the wonderful embellishments. This homemade cape by Make and Take is so lovely and effortless to make. All you really need is fabric, scissors, and a glue gun.