Which state has the highest median age 2020?

In 2020, the state with the highest median age of its population was Maine at 44.8 years.

Which states have the youngest median age?

Nationally, the median age is 38.2 years. Utah is the youngest state in the union, with a median age of 30.5 years….Youngest States.

2018 rank State Median age
1. Utah 31.0
2. District of Columbia 34.0
3. Alaska 34.6
4. Texas 34.8

Where do the most elderly live?

By Total: California has the highest number of seniors in the U.S. with a total of 5,148,448 residents ages 65 and older. But that is likely because California also has the highest population out of the states. Second in line is Florida, with a total number of 3,926,889 seniors.

What city in the US has the lowest median age?

Looking for a market filled with Gen Y renters? Look no further than Provo, Utah, where the median age is 23.3, making it the youngest city in America.

What age is considered old old?

Methods. For 2 years, patients aged 65 and older were enrolled in the study and classified into three groups: youngest-old, ages 65 to 74 years; middle-old, 75 to 84 years; and oldest-old, ≥85 years.

What state has the highest number of senior citizens?

Utah has the lowest percentage of senior citizens (10.8%), followed by Alaska (11.1%). California is home to the largest total population of senior citizens (over 5.4 million), followed by Florida (4.2 million).

What is the average age of a Montana resident?

In 2019, the median age of all people in Montana was 40.5. Native-born citizens, with a median age of 40, were generally younger than foreign-born citizens, with a median age of 45. But people in Montana are getting getting older.

What is the median income in Montana?

Between 2018 and 2019 the population of Montana grew from 1.06M to 1.07M, a 0.609% increase and its median household income grew from $55,328 to $57,153, a 3.3% increase.

What percentage of the population is 65 and over in Montana?

The age group 65 and over is projected to be 23.5% of the population in 2040 (up from 14.9% in 2010). Montana’s birth rate has been below the U.S. birth rate since the 80s. Montana is ranked second among the states for percent of the civilian population 18 years and over who are veterans.

What is The racial makeup of Montana?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Montana are White (Non-Hispanic) (85.9%), American Indian & Alaska Native (Non-Hispanic) (6.16%), White (Hispanic) (2.75%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (2.61%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (0.798%). NaNM% of the people in Montana speak a non-English language, and 99.1% are U.S. citizens.