What does good HBU mean?

HBU stands for “how about you?” or “how ’bout you?” People often use this phrase as a follow-up when asked how they’re doing.

What does NM HBU mean?

NM HBU. Not Much, How About You? Internet » Chat.

What WBU means in texting?

What about you?
In digital communication, the abbreviation WBU can stand for the question What about you?

What does HB mean?

The abbreviation HB has a number of meanings, including “Hurry Back,” “Happy Birthday,” “Hot Babe,” “How About?” and “Hemoglobin.” Here is more information about each of these meanings of HB, together with examples of use.

What does JB stand for?

Acronym Definition
JB Just Because (various organizations)
JB Jonas Brothers (band)
JB James Brown
JB Journal of Bacteriology

Whats does JD mean?

1. Juris Doctor (a law degree). abbreviation.

What does FTM mean on Snapchat?

“Female to Male” is the most common definition for FTM on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does LC stand for?

Acronym Definition
LC Letter of Credit
LC Learning Center
LC Louisiana College (Pineville, Louisiana)
LC Lauren Conrad (actress)

What does J stand for?

Acronym Definition
J Just
J Jack
J Java
J Journal

What does “HBU” mean on the Internet?

If you’ve ever made small talk with someone on the internet, you’ve likely come across the initialism “HBU.” We’ll explain what this internet slang term means, and how you use it in conversation. How About You? HBU stands for “how about you?” or “how ’bout you?” People often use this phrase as a follow-up when asked how they’re doing.

How to use HBU in a sentence?

You use HBU in the same way you do the phrase “how about you?” in conversations. The initialism is best used in chats and informal texting, while the full phrase can be used in any setting, including work. Here are a few examples of sentences that use HBU: “I’m done eating.

Is HBU singular or plural?

However, a plural noun is normally added when addressing more than one person, like “hbu guys” or “hbu everyone.” Like other acronyms, HBU became popular in early online chatrooms and on message boards.

How do you start a conversation with HBU?

Person A: “ Hey, how are you feeling?” Person B: “ Pretty good. Just a little under the weather. HBU?” Person A: “I’m good. Just need to get more sleep tonight.” In the conversation above, HBU is used to throw a question back at Person A. While the acronym isn’t responsible for starting the conversation, it initiates a back-and-forth chat.