How does FHJ-18 in cod mobile?

To use the FHJ-18, simply equip it in your Loadout, then when you’re in play, simply point it at a vehicle. The reticle will glow red, letting you know you have a target lock and you can then tap the screen to trigger. You might be wondering why you would use it when you can’t shoot human enemies.

Where can I find FHJ-18?

The FHJ-18 fires guided missiles, deals the heaviest damage to vehicles and has the ability to lock onto them. It is best used to destroy the Helicopter and the HBT-1B Tank. The projectile can only be destroyed by the Helicopter’s Flare. The launcher can be found as Common blueprints inside red launcher boxes.

How do you aim with FHJ?

To use the FHJ-18, equip it in your Loadout, then when you are in-game, aim it at a vehicle. The reticle will glow red, letting you know you have a target lock, and you can then tap the screen to fire. Now, you may be wondering why you would use it when you cannot shoot human enemies with it.

What is FMJ Cod mobile?

FMJ returns to Call of Duty: Mobile as a weapon attachment. Like other games, it increases every weapon’s penetration power. The in-game stats show greater damage per shot, but this is not accurate. Since the introduction of Gunsmith in Season 9, FMJ is now a Perk, in-line with its Modern Warfare counter-part.

What is the full form of FHJ?


Acronym Definition
FHJ Fédération Haïtienne de Judo (French: Haitian Judo Federation)
FHJ Five Horse Johnson (band)
FHJ Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek (Dutch: Fontys College of Journalism)
FHJ Folk Harp Journal

Is the Type 25 good?

From ranked multiplayer matches to competitive clashes in the pro scene, the Type-25 is still the choice of weapon for players who want to win matches. The reason why Type-25 works best in the current meta is because of its versatility and easy of use.

Is AK117 good in CoD mobile?

The world of CoD: Mobile has a treasure trove of various weapons that players can use to fight their enemies within the popular Call of Duty game. One weapon that has become a powerful gun for players to use is the AK117, as Season 6 has helped propel this Assault Rifle into the spotlight.

Is FHJ 18 real?

The FHJ-84 is an incendiary rocket launcher manufactured in China by NORINCO….Double-barrel incendiary rocket launcher.

Country of origin China
Weight (loaded) 18 kg
Rocket weight 5 kg 18 kg
Length 1.2 m
Muzzle velocity ~ 126 m/s

How do I make CoD Mobile run faster?

Use sprint: Sprinting means you can move faster. You can slide up the forward controller or tap the sprint button to do this.

What Scorestreaks can EMP break?

The only killstreak that can be used is the Ballistic Vests. The EMP also appears in the downloadable Special Ops mission “Kill Switch”.

What BG means?

BG is shorthand used to describe a bad game. Typing this in chat lets other players in the game know you thought the game was no fun, often because the game is imbalanced. 2. BG is short for background.