Who owns Dilettante Chocolates?

Seattle Gourmet Foods
Dana and Brian Davenport, the owners of Dilettante Chocolates in Seattle, have sold the company to Kent-based Seattle Gourmet Foods in hopes of expanding and adding to their product mix. Dilettante will keep its name and locations, including the original shop opened in 1977 on Capitol Hill.

Where is Dilettante Chocolate from?

Seattle, Washington
Rich History. Dilettante’s chocolate is expertly crafted using heirloom recipes from three generations of chocolatiers. These recipes date back to the year 1898, and are responsible for the creation of the first Dilettante Chocolates location in Seattle, Washington.

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Who is dilettante chocolates?

Dana’s great uncle, Julius Franzen served as a royally-appointed Pastry Chef and Master Confectioner to the crowned heads of Europe dating back to 1898. Julius passed down his knowledge and expertise in his master notebooks, inspiring Dana to open the first Dilettante Chocolates location in Seattle.

What kind of drinks does dilettante cafe have?

Custom mochas and hot chocolate, handcrafted espresso beverages, and blended frappes pair with cakes, desserts, and pastries. Dilettante celebrates its chocolate recipes in each of its Seattle-based Mocha Café locations. Choose from four different blends of Dilettante’s premium chocolate to create a personal mocha or hot chocolate experience.

What are dilettante espresso beans made of?

These beans are covered in white, milk, and dark chocolate blends to create Dilettante’s iconic chocolate-covered espresso beans.