How do I pair my TDK Bluetooth speaker?

Press the Bluetooth button on top of the speakers to enter Bluetooth mode. Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 3-4 seconds until the Bluetooth light starts blinking rapidly. This will make the phone ready to connect to the speaker.

How do I charge my TDK speaker?

A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker – Charging the battery | TDK Life on Record Support. What are the settings for recharging the battery? Connect the AC power adapter to the DC IN jack on the side of the A33 (under the protective flap on the right side of the unit) and then connect the plug to a 100V-240V wall outlet.

How do I change the battery in my TDK A33?

Remove the bottom panel from the A33 by inserting both fingers in the gaps on the edge of the panel and lifting up until the bottom panel comes off of the device. Remove the old battery from its housing in the A33 by holding the device up and gently tapping the bottom on your hand until the battery pops out of the A33.

How do I reset my TDK Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth is not turned on It may be necessary to reset the speaker. In order to reset your speaker press the following buttons: Volume -, Volume +, Speaker Phone button, and then the Bluetooth button.

Is the TDK Life on record A33 wireless weatherproof speaker any good?

While the TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker has a few small shortcomings, it delivers very good sound for its size and price and is well suited to both indoor and outdoor use with a sturdy, splashproof design.

What happens if the battery dies in a TDK speaker?

If yours dies within the warranty period, TDK will ship you a new one. Batteries don’t last forever, so it’s nice that it can be replaced. Overall, this is one of the best units in it’s size category. You’ll be hard pressed to find a unit with better bass response and volume capabilities than this unit.

Is the TDK worth the money?

Long story short, I bought the TDK. To me, it definitely sounds $150 better than what I had. It gets LOUD, with 2 lit volume lights being perfectly loud for a normal home environment and 3 more lights when need them.

Does the A34 TDK sound better through Bluetooth?

With a good source signal, the TDK will sound better, especially if you EQ to your taste. The source signal from my iPhone 5 and my HTC One (Beats processing turned off) provided excellent sound via bluetooth or wired connection without the need for an EQ app. – for iOS users, the volume on your device controls the volume on the A34.