Who is Dua Malik husband?

Sohail Haider
Malik is married to Sohail Haider, a musical artist. Together they have one daughter and one son.

Is Humaima Malik sister of Feroze Khan?

Humaima Malick is a Pakistani actress and model….

Humaima Malick
Relatives Feroze Khan (brother) Dua Malik (sister) Sohail Haider (brother-in-law)

How many brothers does Feroze Khan have?

Firoz was born in Bangalore on September 25, 1939 to a Pathan father, Sadiq, and an Iranian mother, Fatima. He has three brothers, Abbas alias Sanjay, Akbar, and Sameer.

Why humaima is Malik and Feroze is Khan?

Another elder sister of Humaima, Tabinda Kiran Malik lives in UK. Humaima Malik ‘s eldest sister is Golden Malik. We all know about Feroze Khan youngest among all siblings. Feroze Khan’s Dada grandfather was honored by British government with Name Khan for his braveness so thats why Feroze Use Khan as sir name.

How old is humaima Malik?

34 years (November 18, 1987)Humaima Malick / Age

Which city does Feroze Khan live?

Feroze date of birth He was born on 11th July 1990 in Quetta, later his family moved to Karachi. Currently, he resides in Karachi with his family.

Who is humaima Malik brother?

Feroze KhanHumaima Malick / Brother

Who is Akbar dhedhi?

Akbar Dhedhi is relative of stock exchange king aqeel kareem dhedhi. famous social media website Mangobaaz has also claim that humaima is secretly married to this guy. even akbar dhedhi has also posted his pictures with humaima on facebook account .

What happened to humaima?

God has given me a new life, the actor said in a heartfelt Instagram post in which she also asked fans to be kind to people. Actor Humaima Malick says she suffered a ruptured appendix in Turkey and has called for prayers from her fans and followers.

Who is humaima Malik husband?

Shamoon AbbasiHumaima Malick / Husband (m. 2010–2012)