What does Smart stand for in SMART Recovery?

Self-Management and Recovery Training
“SMART” Recovery is an acronym that stands for “Self-Management and Recovery Training.”

Does SMART Recovery have a buddy system?

No sponsorship or buddy system exists in SMART Recovery (though these can be found in other groups). In our opinion, practicing what you learn at meetings on a daily basis and following through on self-imposed assignments best supports recovery.

What does ABC stand for in SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery Dictionary

ABC An analytical tool used to identify and dispute irrational beliefs. A = Activating Event B = Beliefs C= Consequences
REI Rational Emotive Imagery. A technique of visualization of events to experience and practice emotions and behaviors.
SMART Self-Management and Recovery Training

What is a recovery Dharma meetings like?

A typical meeting starts with a few short explanatory readings, then a guided meditation. Meetings will then typically do a shared reading to foster discussion, or a speaker may talk about a topic of their choice. There is also an opportunity for members of the group to share.

Is smart recovery any good?

There is no real evidence to suggest that SMART recovery is any more effective than AA. Many more people get sober using the latter, but this is probably because there are so many more AA meetings than SMART meetings.

What does disarm stand for in smart recovery?

DestructIve Self-talk Awareness and Refusal Method
(DestructIve Self-talk Awareness and Refusal Method) EFFECTIVELY USED FOR WHICH OF THE SMART RECOVERY.

How do you deal with urges?

When you get an urge, quickly substitute a thought or activity that’s more beneficial or fun. Take a walk or any other form of exercise. Pick up something new to read or turn on something to listen to. The possibilities to substitute (and lessen the craving more quickly) are endless.

What does pig stand for in SMART Recovery?

We who are followers of the SMART Recovery Model, agree that there is a model/method related to defining and understanding Instant Gratification,known as the PIG Method. PIG standing for, The Problem Of Immediate Gratification.

Do urges go away?

Urges are time-limited—Urges typically go away within minutes. No matter how uncomfortable an urge may feel, it is only temporary. 2. Urges are not harmful—Although they may be anxiety-producing and unpleasant, urges cannot cause physical harm.

What is the difference between a trigger and a craving?

The primary difference between cravings and triggers is their dimensionality. Triggers are mostly associated with thoughts or memories. Cravings are more physical, mental, and emotional. Additionally, a craving can arise even when you aren’t exposed to a trigger.