How many quarts of transmission fluid does a Mercedes ml320 take?

6 Liters of German RAVENOL M 6-Series Transmission Fluid – Mercedes-Benz OEM Approval for the MB 236.10 Quality Specification.

How many quarts of oil does a 2002 Mercedes ml320 take?

With filter 8.5 quarts On models with oil cooler, additional oil may be needed when cooler is drained. Allow 5 minutes after refilling or turning engine off before checking oil level.

What kind of oil does a 2002 ml320 take?

Recommended oil for my 2002 Ml320

Product Name Product
SAE 5W-40 FS Synthetic European Motor Oil EFMQT-EA Add To Cart Add To Cart
SAE 0W-40 FS Synthetic European Motor Oil EFOQT-EA Add To Cart Add To Cart

What kind of oil does a ML 320 take?

Mobil 1 – FS European Car Formula 0W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart (Part No. 54526)

What type transmission fluid does Mercedes used?

Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Operating Fluids: Gear Oil

Sheet Description
236.6H Automatic transmission fluids (ATF) – historical
236.7 Automatic transmission fluids (ATF, Steering/automatic)
236.8 Automatic transmission fluids (ATF, Automatic)
236.81 Automatic transmission fluids (ATF, Automatic)

How to check transmission fluid in a ML320 Benz?

007kgb. I know that Mercedes Transmission is supposed to be sealed but mine has been acting as though it might be low on fluid.

  • SkippyJasper. Current 2008 320ML CDI.
  • 007kgb. Problems started several days after new frt RH wheel bearing was installed.
  • Vortecpwr
  • 007kgb. I’m ordering a new bearing tonight.
  • N4HHE.
  • 007kgb.
  • SkippyJasper.
  • 007kgb.
  • SkippyJasper.
  • How do you check power steering fluid in a ML320?

    – Be sure to use only the power-steering fluid that is recommended for your car, as it will be the correct viscosity (thickness) for your car’s power-steering system. – The manufacture does not recommend using transmission fluid in place of power steering fluid. – Be careful not to overfill your power-steering unit with fluid.

    What kind of transmission fluid in 1999 ML320?

    Do not mix this fluid with any other transmission fluid. Select year, make, model above to verify this part fits your vehicle 1998-2003, 2007-2009 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Automatic Transmission Fluid – (ATF 4134) – (MBZ Approval:236.14) Fuchs ATF 4134 (1 Liter) 001 989 68 03 13

    What are the tyre pressures on Mercedes ML320?

    The tire pressure listed is for a maximum load, it would seem like the correct pressure with say 4 people (adults) and some luggage behind the seats. For normal operation, I set them at 32 front/rear, it’s the only Benz I service where I use the same pressure front/rear, but it works well.