How much is a Canadian 50 cent coin worth?

To the above left is a Canada 50 cent piece made of nickel (worth face value). To the right is a Canada Silver 50 cent piece (1967 and earlier) worth at least $5 each.

Are 50 cent coins rare Canada?

The 2000-P 50-cent piece is another Canadian numismatic rarity. Approximately 276 of the 2000-P 50-cent pieces are known to have been minted. Each of these 276 coins was mounted in a clock as gifts to mint employees. This makes the 2000-P 50-cent coin one of the rarest Canadian half-dollars ever produced.

What is a Canadian 1952 penny worth?

1 cent 1952 prices and values The minimum value of a 1 cent 1952 is $0.02, due to the value of the metal that composes it.

What is a 1952 Liberty half dollar worth?

Valuing the 1952 Franklin Half Dollar Roughly, this coins value, in average condition, can be estimated to be valued at about $10, while a 1952 Franklin Half Dollar in certified mint state (MS+) condition might auction for as much as $70*.

Do Canadian pennies have any value?

If you have a big piggy bank filled with pennies, now’s the time to sort through them all. There’s one that’s so rare that it’s worth $400,000! Here’s what you’re looking for, it’s the “King Of Canadian Pennies” and so far there are only THREE of them known to exist.

How much is a 1952 coin worth?

Values & Mintages

Date & Mint Mintage Unc. Sell
1952 186,775,000 $0.90
1952-D 746,130,000 $0.70
1952-S 137,800,004 $1.50
1952 Proof 81,980 $30.00

Are any 50 cent pieces worth anything?

It’s unusual to find a half dollar in circulation these days (not that the coins are hard to come by). All circulation strike Kennedy half dollars struck after 1971 are only worth their face value of 50 cents, and all circulation strike coins from before that year are considered to be junk.