How do I download OpenNI?

How to do it…

  1. Open your browser and navigate to
  2. Download the latest version of OpenNI for your platform and CPU architecture.

How do I use OpenNI2?

How to install and use OpenNI2

  1. Download: The pre-built SDK file for your Linux can be downloaded from the OpenNI homepage.
  2. OpenNI directory: Your OpenNI code and programs will look for header and library files from this unzipped directory.
  3. Install: Run the installer from the unzipped directory:

What OpenNI 2?

OpenNI provides a uniform interface that third party middleware developers can use to interact with depth sensors. The ZED OpenNI driver transforms each ZED camera into a PrimeSense compatible depth sensors to use it with the OpenNI 2 API.

What is OpenNI2?

OpenNI is a multilanguage, cross-platform framework that defines APIs in order to write applications using natural interaction (NI) (see for more information).

What happened to OpenNI?

After the acquisition of PrimeSense by Apple, it was announced that the website would be shut down on April 23, 2014. Immediately after the shutdown, organizations that used OpenNI subsequently preserved documentation and binaries for future use.

What is OpenNI for Windows?

OpenNI or Open Natural Interaction is an industry-led non-profit organization and open source software project focused on certifying and improving interoperability of natural user interfaces and organic user interfaces for Natural Interaction (NI) devices, applications that use those devices and middleware that …

How do I use OpenNI in Visual Studio?

Note that some samples have a graphical interface and may require a more powerfull graphic accelerator. Open a new project or an existing one with which you want to use OpenNI In the Visual Studio menu, open the Project menu and choose Project Properties.

Where can I find the OpenNI include directory?

In the C/C++ section, under the “General” node, select “Additional Include Directories” and add “$ (OPENNI2_INCLUDE)” (if you use the 32-bit version) or “$ (OPENNI2_INCLUDE64)” (if you use the 64-bit version). These are environment variables that point to the location of the OpenNI Include directory.

How do I install the OpenNI SDK on Windows?

Double-click the provided msi file to install the SDK on your Windows machine. The installation performs the following: Copies the SDK to the target directory (default is C:\\Program Files\\OpenNI2 or C:\\Program Files (x86)\\OpenNI2) Installs a USB driver to be used with OpenNI-compliant devices

How do I Close an OpenNI application?

When closing your application, call openni::OpenNI::shutdown (), to allow OpenNI to close properly (unload drivers and such). Open a device using its URI.