What is CBR in AP Human Geography?

The crude birth rate or CBR is the ratio of the number of live births yearly per 1,000 people in a given population.

What is the S curve AP Human Geography?

S-curve. traces the cyclical movement upwards and downwards in a graph. So named for its shape as the letter “s”. It is important to geography because it helps show the natural increase in population. Sex ratio.

What does spatial interaction mean in AP Human Geography?

Spatial Interaction. the movement of people, goods and ideas within and across geographic space. Spatial Search. the process by which individuals evaluate the alternative locations to which they might move.

What is mortality AP Human Geography?

Mortality – death rate. the number of deaths per thousand people. Population explosion. the rapid growth of the world’s human population during the past century.

What does TFR mean in geography?

1. Definition: TOTAL FERTILITY RATE is the sum of the age-specific birth rates (5-year age groups between 10 and 49) for female residents of a specified geographic area (nation, state, county, etc.) during a specified time period (usually a calendar year) multiplied by 5.

What is GDI AP Human?

Gender-Related Development Index (GDI) Compares the level of development of women with that of both sexes. Human Development Index (HDI) Indicator of level of development for each country, constructed by the United Nations, combining income, literacy, education, and life expectancy.

What is space time compression in AP Human Geography?

Space Time Compression- The reduction in the time it takes to diffuse something to a distant place, as a result of improved communications and transportation system.

What is time-space convergence in human geography?

Time–space convergence (TSC) refers to the decline in travel time between geographical locations as a result of transportation, communication, and related technological and social innovations.

What is medical revolution geography?

Medical Revolution- Medical technology invented in Europe and North America that is diffused to the poorer countries of Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Improved medical practices have eliminated many of the traditional causes of death in poorer countries and enabled more people to live longer and healthier lives.

What is TFR and MMR?

Maternal mortality ratio (MMR) and total fertility rate (TFR) in China, 1949±1994.

What is GDI quizlet?

What does the gender development index GDI measure?

The GDI measures gender gaps in human development achievements by accounting for disparities between women and men in three basic dimensions of human development—health, knowledge and living standards using the same component indicators as in the HDI.

What is space time compression example?

The compression of time and space create fractal value systems and hyperarchitectures that are characterized by the automatic production of space. Social networks, blogs, websites and the entirety of the Internet are the most recent examples of time and space compression.

What is space time convergence?

What is J Curve explain?

The J Curve is an economic theory that says the trade deficit will initially worsen after currency depreciation. The nominal trade deficit initially grows after a devaluation, as prices of exports rise before quantities can adjust.

What is space time convergence quizlet?

Time-space Convergence. The reduction in time taken to travel between two places due to improvements in transportation or communication technology.

What is an example of time-space convergence?

The growth of the internet is a prime example of time-space convergence, because it contributed to instaneous communication by means of messengers such as Skype and Whatsapp.