What was Chicago population in 2000?

The population increased slightly from 1990 to 2,896,016 in 2000, fell slightly to 2,695,598 in 2010, and increased to 2,716,462 in 2017. From 1950 (population of 3,620,962) to 2017 (population of 2,716,462), Chicago population has decreased 904,500 or 25.0 percent.

What’s the population of Chicago in 2022?

The current metro area population of Chicago in 2022 is 8,901,000, a 0.27% increase from 2021. The metro area population of Chicago in 2021 was 8,877,000, a 0.14% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Chicago in 2020 was 8,865,000, a 0.03% increase from 2019.

Does Chicago have a lot of Mexicans?

Chicago now has the second largest population of Mexican immigrants in the United States (after Los Angeles), with more than 670,000 Mexican-born residents, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

What is the current population of Chicago?

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, with a population of nearly three million people. Its scenic lakeside location, world-class cultural offerings and unique architecture are just some of the reasons why Chicago is a great place to live and visit.

What is the population of Chicago and suburbs?

The Chicago metropolitan area, or Chicagoland, is the metropolitan area that includes the city of Chicago, Illinois, and its suburbs.The population is about 9.5 million people and CSA population of 9.9 million people, it is the third largest metropolitan area in the United States.. The Chicago metropolitan area is one of the world’s largest economies, with more than four million employees and

What are The racial demographics of Chicago?

The majority race in Chicago overall is white at 53.0% of residents. The next most-common racial group is hispanic at 22.0%. There are more white people in the south areas of the city. People who identify as hispanic are most likely to be living in the central places.

What is the population of African Americans in Chicago?

• Chicago’s Black population declined steadily from 1,187,905 in 1980 to 797,253 in 2017, a decrease of 390,652 or 32.9% • Chicago’s White population had a similar trend declining from 1,299,557 in 1980 to 893,334 in 2017, a decrease