Is Jurien Bay good for fishing?

Only 220kms from Perth, Jurien Bay is an amazing option for metro fishers looking for a high-quality fishing destination and beachside getaway. The coastal stretch either side of Jurien Bay, between Green Head 30 minutes north, to Cervantes 25 minutes south, offers many prime beach fishing spots.

Can you catch squid in Jurien Bay?

Indeed, blue swimmer crabs can get taken inside the marina itself, along with herring and squid. Once you’ve broken the shackles of the marina walls, there are great options north, south and west of town, and despite its ever-increasing popularity Jurien Bay continues to provide superb fishing results.

Can you spearfish in Jurien Bay?

Crabbing, Spearfishing and Octopus From the shore or boat is permitted in general use and aquaculture zones.

Can you fish off Cervantes jetty?

Fishing at Cervantes Jetty Cervantes jetty is located at the end of Catalonia Street and is a great place to go fishing. For the best fishing, head to Cervantes Jetty at dawn or dusk. Anglers can try their luck at tailor, whiting, mulloway, and squid (particularly at night near the lights).

What fish do you catch at Jurien Bay?

Land based Jurien Bay fishing spots are centred on chasing Whiting, Tailor, Flathead, Bream, Dart, Herring, Shark, Mulloway and even the odd Mackerel. The land based fishing spots at Jurien Bay extend from Green Head to Cervantes. There are numerous beaches and headlands to explore for the travelling angler.

What fish do you catch in Jurien Bay?

Are crab pots legal in WA?

Crab Trap – Illegal in WA Waters.

What can you catch at Jurien Bay?

Jurien bay jetty is a popular fishing spot. It is close to town, easily accessible and the bay provides protection from southerly winds. The jetty produces Snapper, Samson Fish, Mulloway and even the odd Spanish Mackerel. Tailor, Silver Trevally and Whiting also hang around the jetty at times.

Can you catch crabs at Cervantes?

Just like at Cervantes Back Beach, you’ll find plenty of Whiting, Mulloway, Herring, Taylor, crabs, and shark.

Can you fish at Cervantes?

Cervantes fishing spots are focused around beach fishing and the main jetty located off Catalonia Street. During winter beach fishing can be difficult due to the amount of seaweed washed up on the beaches. The jetty can still be fished all year round and produces Tailor, Silver Trevally, Tarwhine and Whiting.

What fish can you catch at Jurien Bay jetty?

Do I need a Licence to catch crabs in WA?

Blue swimmer crabs are one of the most popular species targeted by recreational fishers in Western Australia. Bag and size limits apply. Closed seasons apply in certain areas. In addition, when fishing for crabs with the use of a powered vessel, a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence is required.

Do you need a fishing Licence to fish off the beach in Western Australia?

You do not need a licence to fish from the shore or a jetty, as long as you did not use a boat to get to your fishing location (if you did you require a Recreational fishing from boat licence).

How many people live in Jurien?

Jurien Bay and the broader Shire of Dandaragan is currently home to 3,277 people, with ambitious plans in place to grow the town to 20,000 people over the coming decades.

Can you catch squid in Dongara?

Jigging for squid behind Irwin Reef will produce good catches. Also try close to shore behind the northern breakwall.

How to fish in Jurien Bay?

Take your boat, or hire one, or take one of the Jurien Bay fishing charters on offer in the Jurien marina. Allowing a pro to put together a day of fishing for you is a great idea, as they are experts on the different Jurien Bay fishing spots and what’s going to be biting where.

Where is the Jurien Bay Marine Park?

Jurien Bay Marine Park is 150 kilometres north of Perth. The marine park begins south of Wedge Island (South Rocks) and runs to Dynamite Bay in Green Head. Within the marine park boundaries are the town sites of Green Head, Jurien Bay and Cervantes.

How long is the Jurien Bay deep sea fishing charter?

Our Jurien Bay Deep Sea Fishing Charters are approx 8 hours long, not only will you enjoy breakfast on board but you will also be provided lunch including a deli roll and some sweet treats all prepared fresh from the local Jurien Bay Bakery. What is included on my 8 hour Jurien Bay Deep Sea Fishing Charter?