How do you win Soul Wars?

The most effective strategy to win the game is to simply take control of the graveyards. The opposing team will thus only be able to bury bones in their own base in order to increase the avatars level.

Can you AFK in Soul Wars?

Of course Soul Wars receives all the rewards because it’s an afk game mode where you don’t have to try in order to receive points.

Can you ALCH in Soul Wars?

The following areas also prohibit the use of alchemy spells: The Duel Arena. Soul Wars.

How long is a Soul Wars game?

twenty minutes
Soul Wars is a members-only team minigame that lasts twenty minutes per game and can be played on any world.

How many Zeals are in a game of Soul Wars?

Soul Wars Clan mode now awards more Zeal, the maximum amount of Zeal awarded per game has been increased to 30.

Do you lose runes in Soul Wars?

This is a safe activity in an instanced area. If you die here, you will not lose any of your items; however, any items you drop manually on the ground will be lost.

How do I get to Soul Wars from Ferox enclave?

Soul Wars Portals can be found in both Edgeville, west of the ruins, and in the caves of Ferox Enclave. Players can use them to teleport to the lobby of the Soul Wars minigame on the Isle of Souls.

Is the Ferox enclave safe?

It has recently been turned into a safe haven for travelers by Ferox, an ex-Zamorakian acolyte who is searching for knowledge in order to learn about the history of the Wilderness. The town is a safe area within the Wilderness, meaning players cannot kill other players while within the boundaries of the town.

How do you restore stats on Ferox enclave?

There is a chapel with an altar and the Pool of Refreshment which restores the player’s hitpoints, stats, prayer points, and run energy (but not special attack energy). Players who have paid Ferox 5,000,000 coins can set their respawn point to Ferox Enclave, by the eastern barrier.

What is the best strategy in Soul Wars?

One of the best strategies in Soul Wars is to get the entire team to rush the obelisk in the beginning. After your team captures the obelisk, a chunk of the players may fall back to take on other jobs (gathering, rushing). This will guarantee you a 95% chance of victory, for an average Soul Wars game.

What is the Soul Wars guide?

The Soul Wars guide is a book given by Nomad at the start of the Soul Wars minigame after the player has finished the tutorial. It contains basic information about the minigame. The Soul Wars guide is destroyed upon death.

What do I need to play Soul Wars?

Soul Wars is an intense game, where two teams fight to defeat each other’s avatar. This guide will cover what is needed to be victorious in the game. To join a game of Soul Wars, simply use the waiting areas in the lobby area of the island. If you wish to join the blue team, use the blue team waiting area, and for the read team, the red area.

What happens to the Soul Wars guide when you die?

The Soul Wars guide is destroyed upon death. If players lose the book, they can reclaim it from Nomad. This book can be stored in a player owned house bookcase . The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Soul wars guide. Soul Wars is an intense game, where two teams fight to defeat each other’s avatar.